Greatest 30 seconds in F1 history.

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    If you could pick your favourite 30 seconds in Formula One, what would it be? Here’s my vote.

    01.10 – 01.40 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEx7sTE3Bh8

    Even as a Mika fan this still gives me goosebumps watching. Schumacher going from 1st to 3rd in 400 yards, hearing the Tifosi cheering over the screaming cars. Just incredible.



    Hamilton getting the title in the last lap of the brazilian gp in 2008. I nearly wet myself and still get goosebumps watching it now, even the commentary is epic!



    Everyone will say Brazil 2008 which objectively was the best 30 seconds ever, so I’m going to suggest a 30 seconds I enjoyed much more. The start of Brazil 2007. The formation flying of the Ferrari’s into turn 1, Kimi’s lift to put Hamilton behind Alonso then Hamilton losing his head into turn 4. The begining of a great race.




    Ok this one is more than 30 seconds but its properly fairy tale stuff. In the words of Murray Walker “Ferrari wins! Ferrari second!”




    I guess it has to be this:




    The thirty seconds where Massa was champion…not the bit after. I’m in denial and forget that part like when a film has a bad ending and you stop the dvd right before the end. That was my favourite 30 seconds.

    Other good ones: the Brazilian podium in 06. Massa had won and Alonso had taken the title (I thought he deserved it more but of course was supporting Ferrari).

    Schumi on his way to his third title but first with Ferrari.

    Malaysia 2009 – pick any thirty seconds when there was racing because something bonkers was happening.

    Trulli coming out of the Monaco tunnel to swimming pool on his quali lap in 2004. Sublime driving.



    Hamilton winning the title on the final corner was obviously the most incredible feeling for a fan. It went from deep sadness to pure joy. Didn’t want to pick it to start the thread though as it would be too obvious.


    In before Ned Flanders posts the start of Spa ’98.


    Felipe Bomeny

    @tommyb89- to me, the last lap of brazil 2008 was pure joy to deep sadness! :P



    The best ones have been taken already! Although as a Hamilton fan I’d add Germany 2009, where he briefly led after all those races of hardship. Too bad Webber nicked him on the tyre!

    Oh, and Hakkinen crashing out of the 1999 San Marino Grand Prix and Murray going mental: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQC06fWqEn4&feature=related


    sbl on tour

    how bout button runnong up to the podium at monaco last year, class or what!



    Damon Hill rounding the final chicane at Suzuka to win the WDC, who could help but smile when Murray Walker said:

    “This is something that many people didnt think could possibly happen today, they thought Damon would drive a cautious race, but he fought, he fought from second on the grid, he passed Jacques Villeneuve, he took the lead, he stayed there, and Damon Hill exits the chicane and wins the Japanese Grand Prix. And Ive got to stop, because Ive got a lump in my throat.”



    Mag Geoffrey you’re right that was total madness!

    GeeMac I’ll always remember Murray saying that. I was never a big Hill fan but Murray made that day quite emotional.


    Prisoner Monkeys


    got to agree with GeeMac. Murray Walker provided those best 30 seconds with the sheer emotion and joy for Damon Hill winning the world championship. Its a moment that i’ve seen countless times and every time, I too get that lump in my throat because of Murray.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFsD9NElDa4 1.20 – 1.55 (sorry, 35 seconds :P)

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