Gutted for Nico

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    What a race for Nico at the start, I really thought he was going to take it at some point with the space he had on vettel. Not only is he driving a worse car but the poor guy had to conserve fuel because of problems. Of all times Nico was going to win a race, Mercedes yet again messed up…

    Congrats to the top 3 though, great race.



    He would’ve got a podium at best if he didn’t have to save fuel. A win wasn’t really in the question for him even though it may have looked a possibility at one point.



    Yup, am gutted for him too. I guess it’s arguable that had Mercedes not short-fuelled him by as much as they did, he might not have been as fast at the beginning of the race. But I think he did an amazing job today in what was very clearly not the fastest car. I really hope he can get his first win this year.



    I think Nico shaped the race. As soon as the other teams realised he was in front they all switched to 3 stops (well, except Vettel). He made two huge errors – one with Massa and the other by letting Hamilton (I think) through so easily. Rosberg could have won the race in my opinion.


    Ned Flanders

    I knew exactly who had started this thread before I even clicked on it!

    It’s strange thinking that even though he has no race wins, Rosberg could well have won two consecutive Chinese GP’s. With hindsight he was always going to struggle to keep the McLaren’s behind, but at one point he looked in good shape for his first win.



    Gutted for Felipe



    Hay…Somebody has to talk about the other drivers lol, can’t have them all overlooked on a great GP.


    Ned Flanders

    No, it’s ok, tbh though I don’t think he was overlooked. Obviously I can only speak for myself, but I certainly noticed that he led a significant part of the race, and outqualified and outraced a 7 times champion yet again



    I really thought he was going to take it at some point

    I felt it too, if he had taken the same strategy as McLaren he would have remained in front. And had Ferrari done the same, Massa would have been at least on the podium.



    I only woke up at lap 20! So missed Button at Redbull ect live…

    So when I saw Hamilton not winning I was estatic that it was Nico in 1st! Unfortunately he didn’t win, but I won’t complain about the result. ;)



    Nico was never going to win on pace, hasn’t got the car for it, but it was nice for those laps when he made us think he could.


    Dan Thorn

    It’s entirely my fault he didn’t win. At roughly half distance my girlfriend asked who I thought would win and I foolishly said Nico had a good chance, thus cursing him. I’m sorry.

    He did drive very well, though I can’t belive how long it took Brundle and DC to notice! They were very off the ball yesterday…



    All i can say is well done Mercedes, Rosberg and Schumacher both had great races. Rosberg 4th – 5th and Schumacher 14th – 8th. If Schumacher hadn’t made a mistake in qualifying, i think he could have been fighting Rosberg.

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