Halfway through the F1 Holiday

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    we are coming up to the halfway point of the F1 holiday, i for one cannot wait for the 27th when F1 will be gracing our TV screens again. What i wanted to know is what have you been up to whilst F1 has been off our scrrens? I have been on a couple of track days at Rockingham and did my first visit to the F1 museum at Donnington Park. Other than that it has been getting my daily F1 news uptake here obviously, and the beeb, autosport, the usual suspects!

    What have you been doing, are you a true F1Fanatic and taken a two week break from F1, not looking touching or thinking about it and left the country? what have you been doing to get through the first 2 weeks of the F1 Holiday?



    i watched the BTCC at snetterton (on tv) which was cool. I’ve been trying to find a review of the 1998 btcc season… on dvd.



    I am going to Silverstone tomorrow to see F3 and GT, tsaking my little F1 fans of the future. They have been nagging me about Silverstoen since I went to the British Grand Prix so I thought this would give them a flavour of what it is like. I am counting the days until F1 returns, it can’t be too soon!!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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