hamilton could still pass vettel in brazil for the f1 fanatic championship!

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    i’m one of those guys who loves a good spreadsheet and stats.
    f1 fanatic has always voted on the best drivers of the weekend, and i assign them points from 25 to 1 based on the number of votes. after abu dhabi, this is the f1 fanatic championship standing, with vettel exactly 25 points clear of hamilton.

    1. sebastian vettel 272 (3 wins/ 4 second places/5 third places)
    2. lewis hamilton 247 (4/2/1)
    3. jenson button 233 (4/3/4)
    4. fernando alonso 218 (3/3/2)
    5. michael schumacher 135 (1/2/2)
    6. mark webber 123 (1/0/1)
    7. sergio perez 71 (1/0/0)
    8. kamui kobayashi 71 (0/1/0)
    9. jaime alguersuari 67 (0/1/1)
    10. heikki kovalainen 66 (0/0/0)
    11. paul di resta 63 (0/2/0)
    12. felipe massa 52 (0/0/1) – and 12 9th or 10th places
    13. nico rosberg 46 (0/0/0)
    14. adrian sutil 43 (0/1/0)
    15. nick heidfeld 37 (1/0/0)
    16. vitaly petrov 24 (0/1/0)
    17. vitantonio liuzzi 19
    18. sebastien buemi 18
    19. narain karthikeyan 17
    20. rubens barrichello 14 (12 from last race)
    21. jerome d’ambrosio 12
    22. pastor maldonado 8
    23. daniele ricciardo 7
    24. karun chandok 6
    25. timo glock 5
    26. bruno senna 4
    27. jarno trulli 2
    28. pedro de la rosa 1

    any comments, besides “there are some indian and maybe british voters”?



    Quite Interesting

    Definately shows how well Kovaleinen is driving and surprise how unrecognised Rosberg is for his drives, though he hasn’t really stood out too much he has still driven better than Schumacher.

    Massa is also unsurprisingly low and the Sauber guys have put in some good races.



    yeah you have to be considered the best of the weekend by someone to get into this ranking – that’s why it’s tough for rosberg. massa gets points because some brazilians vote on him every week, no matter what – sometimes 2 votes are enough to finish in 10th or 9th.



    Yeah, Rosberg has simply been consistent, No real Stand Out drives which these numbers reflect.


    Dan Thorn

    Noooooooo! This is exactly what I’ve been doing, I’ve even made a Wikipedia style chart and everything. My points scores are slightly different to yours though.



    @dan-thorn hmmm now i’m curious. i guess yours might be more accurate, i normally waited 5 days and then put in the data, never waited for keith to actually close the poll.


    Dan Thorn

    I normally waited until the next poll opened, so usually two weeks, sometimes more if I forgot!



    I hate to use the four letter ‘b’ word on this site, but to see Jenson and Hamilton voted in front of Vettel and Alonso is just a joke.



    I’m going with Dan’s results… whatever the outcome.



    Interesting that Hamilton has been voted second, after the difficulties he’s had. Not the second best driver in my opinion



    @cornflakes – LH somehow won it for Spain and Korea after losing straight fights to Vettel.



    @david-a – That’s because everyone had their opinions of Vettel having a “stroll in the park” drive, whereas Hamilton was battling in both of these races. Yes, Vettel was defending half of the race in Spain and Hamilton was doing the hustling. Vettel should of won the Spain version simply for his defending and not letting LH through, but some could argue that LH couldn’t get by because at the end of straight, he was bouncing on the limiter.

    I, too, find it very odd to see Hamilton so high up! And this is coming from a LH supporter! I think he has been 6th best all season.


    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    Heidfeld still beating Petrov :D



    @jt19 – I guess the improvement Hamilton showed in Korea from a run of poor races up to that point contributed to him getting it in Korea, but I stil think Vettel should have got the Spanish DOTW. Hamilton also got 12 points in this ranking because of the people who voted him 4th at Monaco.

    It’s a shame Rosberg always gets overlooked, he didn’t get much recognition in Abu Dhabi.

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