hamilton, has he another world championship in him?

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    sbl on tour

    hamilton, has he another world championship in him.

    when he first took F1 by storm , everyone one reckoned he was the new messiah and would win multiple chamionships, but now… I cant see him winning another one?

    what do you all think?



    No, i can’t. I don’t know why, but I see Vettel and Alonso dominating. But not Hamilton.



    I disagree. When Hamilton gets a half-decent car, he can win races. The only reason he’s not doing so well this season is because the Red Bull is so much faster. If it weren’t for Red Bull, Hamilton would be in serious contention for the title this season.

    He’s still young, and as much as I hate to say it, I would be very surprised if he’s not a triple World Champion by the end of his career. All he needs is a decent car…and to learn not to crash it every race :)



    He’s had a car that’s quicker, and sometimes MASSIVELY quicker, in the races. So I’m not sure what you’re on about to be honest.



    Hamilton’s biggest problem is being too aggressive. We’ve seen it loads of times this season, where he’s crashed whilst trying to overtake. He would be in a much better position right now if he hadn’t of made so many mistakes. Sure, he would still be behind Vettel, but he could have been in third or even second if it weren’t for the mistakes.



    I think he definitely has it in him but good topic for a thread :) I’d be interestd to see what everyone thinks too.



    Let me clarify my post. I’ve no doubt he can do it, and has the talent to do it, but I don’t think he will.



    He can and he will. He’s too good to continue making mistakes all through the rest of his career. He’ll reign them back in, and if he has a car that can at least get pole, he’ll be a winner for certain.



    He will. End of thread.



    Thats a pretty challenging question to be honest. He does have the pure speed to be one but his mentality is hurting it. He needs to think more and be more careful.


    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    I think he will, I mean Senna won 3 ;)


    Dan Thorn

    Yes, but not if he carries on driving the way he’s driving this year. He may be maturing a little slower than many of his rivals, but he’s still only, what, 26? Most drivers seem to reach their peak at around 30, so he has plenty of time to sort out his issues.

    He will have to refine his approach though, especially when his two main rivals (Vettel and Alonso) are so good in so many areas. I’m not just talking about his overly agressive on track nature, but also in terms of using his head more in races. He relies far too much on what the team tells him to do, whereas Fernando and Seb (and Button) have far more say over how they want to approach a particular situation.

    Hamilton is one of the fastest drivers in Formula One – in fact, many days, he’s the fastest – But it’s a complex sport, and you need more than just outright speed to be successful. Look at Gilles Villeneuve, Alesi, Montoya – All brilliant drivers who could have had more success with better all round application. Also look at Piquet, Lauda (after his accident), Button, even Michael Schumacher to a degree – not the out an out fastest drivers, but achieved success by being proficient in other areas (set up, strategy, feel, temperament…politics).

    In his current form, Lewis may win another title, but it’ll be a close and dramatic one like in 2008, not a dominant one like Vettel or Alonso. If he wants to win more, he needs to change his approach. I think that at some point, he also needs to change teams. A fresh challenge might be just what he needs.


    Ned Flanders

    I’d be amazed if he doesn’t win another title. He’s only in his fifth season yet he could have been a 3 times champion already with a bit more luck (and better judgement) in 2007 and 2010.

    And, lest we forget, it’s Fernando Alonso who will soon mark the five year anniversary since his last championship win! Though I predict that he too will add to his tally before he retires



    I have no doubt he will win more titles.

    How many i have no clue. I don’t think he is a driver like Schumacher that just reels in the titles whenever there is a chance. He seems like a driver that can be magic at times, but he risks far too much to deliver consistent results and that really hurts his final points. Somehow Senna’esque. Not that i will compare his skill to Senna, lets just save that one for another day! But his approach is somehow similar.

    He does it with the same all or nothing mentality but maybe with a bit less brains and in a more competitive grid where you can’t really afford that. That will keep him remembered as a classic driver i believe, and we will all remember some of his truly great drives. But he won’t be remembered for his title records. That at least is my prediction, but things like this is always incredibly hard to predict.

    He is still young. Some day he has to mature and manage to use his natural speed and skill to win the championships and McLaren will get their car working better then anyone else some day. Lets hope for them that the timing of those two events will be right. But maybe he will gain consistency if the car is good enough because he can be more confident. I don’t know, but that seems to be the case some times.



    In the case of Hamilton, I think people’s memories are far too short.

    For me, the hype that surrounds Hamilton is about three things:

    (1) His first year in F1 was astounding, which I think every F1 fan (regardless of who they ultimately support) would agree with (even Alonso fans).

    (2) He has the ability (like Vettel and Alonso) to push the car to its absolute limit and produce lap times that seem amazing, especially when compared to their team mates.

    (3) He is pretty handy at overtaking.

    Given how he performed in his first year, I find it hard to understand comments about his maturity or ability to think in the car – it took Vettel a couple of years to hone the skills that he currently wields, but Hamilton had the whole package out of the box. I’d say that one of his strengths is an ability to think clearly whilst racing, which is why he is so good at points 2 and 3 above. In fact, Id say that he is actually one of the drivers that thinks the most whilst in the car. I would have to agree that the recent times he has been caught out by poor calls have made him look pretty silly, but they were exaggerated to look even worse by the circumstances. After China this year, we were applauding his strategy to reel RB back in.

    Overall, I’d say that his current dip in form is just down to the car. McLaren might well have the race pace now, but they didn’t for the first few races – and I think we all knew that Vettel was going to walk this year from race two. So, given that he knows he can’t win the title, I think he is thinking of the bigger picture and focussing instead on improving his legacy around points 2 and 3. Given the car that can consistently win races, I think we would see a return to the 2007/08 form and consistency.

    Interestingly, I wonder what we might be saying about Vettel if RB dropped behind Ferrari and McLaren next year?

    (PS – yes, I do cheer for Hamilton, but I’m just as much of a fan of Alonso, Vettel, Schumacher, Kovaleinen, Di Resta and Kobayashi)

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