Hamilton to Mercedes?

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    wait for better opportunities to come, such as a seat at RBR in 2014.

    While I agree that Hamilton should wait for a good opportunity, I dont think the same teams who dominate the sport now will neccesarily dominate the sport after the new regulations.

    The new regulations introduced in 2009 helped RB to move from 6th to 2nd in the WCC, got ‘Honda’ from back of the field up to the title. Similar things could happen to Mercedes with the new engines, so in my opinion it is hard to judge which team will produce good cars in the not so far future, and it is hard to decide which team to go, but Lewis doesnt really have mutch option. It is either Mercedes, Sauber (if Perez gets the promotion) or Williams if they get rid of Maldonado or Senna. Ofcourse he can stay at McLaren too, but I think now it is up to Ron Dennis to decide if he lets him dirve a McLaren.



    Although I wouldn’t ever want to put my money on something that EJ told me, this story does make a lot of sense. Hamiltons recent comments have not made him sound like a man who is hunting for a new contract – more like a man who has fallen out with his team and is beyond caring who he upsets. I’ve said for a while that I don’t think he will be at McLaren next year, and I still believe it. Mercedes seems like the best option, although I would deeply love to see him at Williams or Sauber.

    Just a thought – this wouldn’t have anything to do with Anthony Hamilton and Paul di Resta parting ways? Perhaps a conflict of interest concerning a certain Mercedes seat for 2013?



    We had a top driver shake-up in 2007 and 2010, we need one in 2013 to keep the pattern and interest going.



    noooo michael don’t leave!!!!



    I have many problems with that article.

    1. Why would Hamilton leave the fastest team at the moment for one that is struggling, maybe this could be understood if he went for Red Bull or Ferrari.

    2. Why would he join a team that are even more likely than HRT of leaving the sport.

    3. My biggest big bear however is the constant over estimating of Paul Di Resta. I have no doubt he would hardly be mentioned if he wasn’t scottish. Whilst I do think he’s down at Senna and Maldonado’s level, he isn’t to the standard of Perez and Hulkenburg (as seen in the championship). And certainly not at Raikkonen, Hamilton or Buttons level or that of the level of Mclaren.

    4. Why would he move to the one team that has had more cockups than the one he’s currently at?



    @bag0 I think you’re right, the new rules might change a lot. While I believe that RBR will stay among the front runners with their budget and Adrian Newey and his team, one cannot be sure that they will outperform Mercedes in 2014.



    @girts I’d bet RBR will re-emerge as a clear fastest car in 2014. Maybe it won’t be dominant fast, maybe several tenths, but it will be fastest. Assuming of course that their engine isn’t off the pace. Newey always does best when there are new regs coming into play, and he slowly gets pegged back by the old guard of Ferrari/McLaren

    From Maurice Hamilton on Twitter:



    “Newey always does best when there are new regs coming into play”

    He didn’t last time. It only takes one other team to find a device/loophole that Newey has missed.



    @matt90 & @raymondu999
    And many times before. I think this years DDRS and the ‘Device’ is the latest example, but before that there was the McLaren with the F-duct, but before three other teams started the season with the DDD.

    While I like to joke with it that Newy only knows where to put holes in the car, we also have to say he was the one with the flexible wings, the EBD, and the one who discovered the rake’s qualities. These were only since 2009 but he is in the buisness for a long time.

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