Hamilton vs Rosberg and Button vs Perez

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    Ok so with these two seats filled out, let’s take a look, shall we?

    Button will probably be (at least de facto) number 1 at first by having the home advantage. He’s also a wily old fox and the young Perez will have to be assimilating new surroundings and environment at first.

    Similarly Lewis will have to be adapting to a new environment – though I read some reports claiming he has a clear number 1 status at Mercedes.

    So in the first year, who will beat whom in each team in 2013? Will Hamilton beat Rosberg? Will Perez beat Button?

    I think Button will beat Perez – and Hamilton will still beat Rosberg.

    So say who you think will emerge victorious in the standings come end of 2013, and post your reasons why!



    Ι think that McLaren do just like they did in 2002 with Coulthard vs Raikkonen, and the results will be the same, with the old driver winning easily (41-24), but from next year Perez will win, easily or hard.

    At Mercedes, 2013 will be a big challenge between the two friends, but from that moment on, Hamilton will win with much effort .



    I think Perez will only struggle initially due to the fact that he’s moved to a new team. Halfway point of the season onwards he should start beating Button on a regular basis, and should continue to do so for asl long as Button sticks around at Mclaren

    Hamilton vs Rosberg should be fun to watch, but I’m pretty convinced that Hamilton shuld come out on top most of the time.



    I think Rosberg vs Hamilton will be much closer than a lot of people seem to think. Although Schumacher is not the driver he once was, Rosberg can be very proud of the fact that he has spent 3 years convincingly beating the old man. I think Rosberg vs Hamilton will be very similar to Button vs Hamilton – they will both have strong weekends, Hamilton will be generally faster, but Rosbergs calm-headedness and consistency will earn him a lot of points. Rosberg is also much better than JB when it comes to qualifying, which was always a JB’s downfall against Hamilton.



    Similarly Lewis will have to be adapting to a new environment – though I read some reports claiming he has a clear number 1 status at Mercedes.

    And I quote: “NobleF1 – Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton will have equal status at Mercedes in 2013.”

    Rosberg and Hamilton are two of equal age, and they grew up and climbed the ladder together.

    This is the final standing during the year that those guys were teammates in karting 2000:
    Hamilton 28 points.
    Rosberg 27 points.


    They both drove for the same team, MBM.com, whoever came out on top that year was who Mclaren would choose to continue developing. Lewis beat Nico by a mere point, had it been the other way around, we probably would’ve seen Rosberg at Mclaren for the past 6 years.

    Rosberg did beat Hamilton in Formula 3 Euro Series, although it was Nico’s second season against Lewis’ first. Then, Lewis than won it in his second year, although Rosberg was racing for his father´s team, while during his second year Hamilton switch to the best team.



    Lastly, both Hamilton and Rosberg won the GP2 championship in their first year, Lewis in 2006 and Nico in 2005, proves both are highly adaptable drivers.

    What’s also interesting is that Rosberg joined F1 a year before Lewis did, even though he’s 6 months younger of the two.



    Rosberg v Hamilton will be very close.
    I think Rosberg is the big winner of yesterday’s movement. This is his chance to be considered one of the absolute top drivers, in comparison to a current top driver. He already beat the greatest of all time (out of his peak, though.)
    I personally believe Rosberg will beat Hamilton on points. Don’t know about the perception, though.

    Perez will put Button under pressure since day one and actually beat him relatively clearly, because of his race craft and strategic skills. This might push Jenson closer to retirement.

    If it turns out this way, Rosberg and Perez might open up the current top 3 drivers into a group of five.



    I honestly dont know, but I think in their first year together Hamilton has to make good performances, or no god can save us from the conspiracy theorists.

    Rosberg was considered a very good qualifyer in his early years (Williams), but those were different times, with different fuel levels. So it will be a good benchmark for Rosberg to go up against Hamilton in qualy. But we should not forget, that we cant jump to any conclusion after their first year together.

    Regarding Button and Perez, I think the same people who said that Jenson was going to be trashed by Lewis are the same people who now says that he is going to be trashed by Perez. If they say it enough by the law of great numbers it bounds to be true some time. But I think Button has shown that he can be better than anyone if he gets the car he wants, which will be easier to achieve without Hamilton.

    I realy think Perez can be a great driver, but he was put in the McL seat, because he was the best AVAIBLE driver. Just as in 2007/2008 with KOV. I realy hope that it pans out better for Perez, but he is yet to prove himself. His good performances came from the Saubers extreme tyre conserving abilities enchanted with his own preserving skills.

    So all in all, I think he will learn a lot from Jenson, and in time he could beat Button, the only question is, that how mutch time will it take for him.



    As to elaborate on my previous post, I believe Perez will be faster than Button, win more races and score more points at the end of the season.

    I’m going to stick my neck out and say Rosberg will out-score Hamilton, although Lewis will be slightly faster in the races.



    I don’t know what to make of Rosberg’s performance this season. He started out by (relatively) wasting the potential of the car in the first two Grand Prix ‘When She (the car) Was Good’ (Philip Roth), then he had a stellar performance in China, but lately he has been beaten by Schumacher on quite a few occasions.

    Does anyone recall how he stacked up against Webber when they were at Williams together in 2006?

    I think Lewis will have the upper hand, just on the basis that we have seen him deliver many special results, whereas Rosberg is still a bit of an unknown.

    With regard to Button and Perez, the latter’s up and down performances lead me to suspect that either he has trouble getting the best out of the car when it is not to its liking, or Sauber is not good at setting up the car. If the problem is the latter, then Perez should be in for a good season, because McLaren is pretty good at setting up the car. At least, I can remember very few occasions when Hamilton, in all his seasons at McLaren, had a bad Saturday because he couldn’t get the car to work. If Perez, like Button, needs the car to be just right, then McLaren better ensure that they design a very driveable car next year. The biggest question mark for me about Perez is his qualifying speed. However, he is a more aggressive racer than Button, so perhaps he will be better at making his way through the field after a bad qualifying.



    I’d say Button will outscore Perez in points by quite a big margin in 2013. Perez will probably have some great races, just as he has at Sauber. But im not convinced about his consistency. Button on the other hand is very consistent (besides his mid-2012 failure) and should be able to easily win.

    Hamilton VS Rosberg im not too sure.. Based on history, yes Rosberg should have a change to keep up with Lewis. But based on 2012, i think Lewis will blow him away and outscore him greatly. But whoever will be the fastest.. let’s first hope Merc will have better reliabilty next year, so both drivers get a fair change. Although Schumacher has made som serious mistakes this year, alot of his points deficit has to do with his car braking down. Let’s hope Lewis is more fortunate.



    I think JB will have the upper hand next year, because he is well-integrated within the team, and is genuinely a very likeable guy. Perez might take some time to get up to speed, but will no doubt have races where he is quicker than Button. I think it’s a great move for Perez though, just for the amount he can learn from Button alone.

    Rosberg and Hamilton is interesting, but I think it will be fairly equal. With a car not quite up to standard, Hamilton might be pushed into making more mistakes from being too aggressive. Especially if he is mixed in with the likes of Massa…and Maldonado.


    Armchair Expert

    Hamilton will outscore Rosberg, because he has superior talent. Brawn and Haug will support him, which should be good for his mental state, but on the other hand he can become pretty frustrated, if Mercedes is not competitive. Bad or good car, Hamilton will shine, while Rosberg will be in supportive role, finishing behind Lewis.

    As for Button and Perez, I think Checo can win this battle, I really do. I see something very special in this kid and I hope he won’t prove me wrong. He will do some mistakes, as he’s still open book, not closed chapter, but I’m not really worried about his consistency or results. He will do mighty fine and I bet he will be positive surprise of 2013 season.



    Rosberg is such an unknown that I don’t know how to rank him any more. I thought he used to be under-rated, but haven’t had a clue what to make of him since Schumacher started to come onto level terms and with nothing very definitive suggesting Mercedes relative pace. I think Hamilton will be the faster qualifier though, which will put him in good stead to be the driver who comes out on top, and that position would be solidified in the second year together.


    Craig Woollard

    Button to absolutely batter Perez, and for Hamilton to soundly beat Rosberg, who seems to have drifted off in the last season and a half.



    Button to absolutely batter Perez, and for Hamilton to soundly beat Rosberg, who seems to have drifted off in the last season and a half.

    Quoted for in 12 months time.

    Let’s see how good these British drivers really are.

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