Hamilton vs Vettel in 2005!

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    The Edge

    what do you reckon the chances are of persuading them both to get back in a pair of F3 cars again and settle once and for all who’s the better…I’d give a lot to see that



    ‘Kubica was a young star Senna wasn’t’

    That’s partly because Senna spent 10 years out of racing following the death of Ayrton. He didn’t really have the chance to be a young star in the same way as his peers- when Kubica was doing this Senna was having his first competitive races in a decade whereas the others, regardless of series, had been racing for many years.



    @the-edge still wouldn’t give you a 100% accurate view of the situation though. In spec series; the car’s characteristics could favor one over the other.



    @matt90 I know that, still he wanst that good in karting before Ayrtons death thats my point. There are plenty of drivers that are medium in junior categories that end up to be the champions in F1. Sebastian Vettel was beaten by Ham and Di Resta and now he is unstoppable, Pedro Lamy was F3 champion but only drove minardis in F1. Brunno Senna is neither of those type of drivers Senna is just the name of the Greatest F1 Driver of the 80’s and maybe all times he has been carried away by publicity and family money. Once in the 24 lemans he trashed the oreca car so much that Oreca didnt had more spare parts to rebuild it and still he continued with his usual attitude giving eurosport interviews like nothing had happened. I think we saw enough of Brunno Senna he is a paid driver that doesnt work he was beaten by Chandok and now in Korea fairly beaten by Petrov who is likewise a paid driver.



    I still think that’s a bit unfair. When he did re-start racing he did a reasonable job in the 4 seasons he had before F1, showing some promise. In HRT last year he never had a real chance to show his capabilities, and he’s only had 5 races this season.

    ‘…and now in Korea fairly beaten by Petrov’
    In qualifying only- Senna was able to at least bring his car home. Petrov should be out-performing Senna after being in his 2nd season with the team, but it doesn’t look like he’s doing that by a huge margin.

    I tried to find a write-up of the Le Mans incident, and didn’t find much so this might not be reliable. Still…
    ‘Bruno’s first participation in the race was delayed while mechanics worked on his Oreca car which had sustained damage when co-driver and former winner Stephane Ortelli went into the barriers, after starting from fifteenth place.’


    Keith Collantine

    @ukfanatic Completely unnecessary to hijack this thread just because you want to have a go at Senna.

    If you want to say something about Bruno Senna, start a thread somewhere else instead of taking over this one.

    This is a cracking bit of footage showing two of today’s top drivers going at it when they were young(er), no need to go off on one about a completely irrelevant topic.



    @keithcollantine Im sorry if I sounded unpolite over aggressive and out of purpose but I must say that Im not an expert on this web stuff and I felt that my comments were appropriate for this particular thread. Finally I have nothing against Senna I was just being realistic. Ive been living between the UK and portugal so I have a big knowledge of his career, again I’ll start a thread or post whatever?!

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