Hamilton – What a qualifying performance

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    An absolutely stellar qualifying performance from Lewis today. Massive statement before leaving McLaren. The guy was 1.1 seconds faster than Jenson in the same lap and 0.6/0.7 after Jenson improved on his lap.

    The Speed commentators pointed out that Hamilton and Vettel were tied for poles this season and that was excluding the 2 poles that Hamilton lost – one for gearbox and the other for underfueling. Now Lewis is ahead by 1 pole over Vettel and some say 3 poles ahead.

    According to Lewis, there were no improvements in his car for Abu Dhabi which was very surprising. On the other hand, Ferrari made 3 improvements and dropped to 7th – perhaps there is such a thing as over-engineering a car.

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    Hamilton on pole with title rivals off the front row

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