Hammond meets Moss.


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    Is up on the Iplayer. Haven’t watched it yet, certainly of interest though.




    I’ve just finished watching it on iplayer and was thinking of starting a thread on it. I thought it was an ablsolutely fascinating documentary. It’s so easy to underestimate the long term impact of brain injuries, and the difficulties for those close who have to deal with the impact. Many of the anecdotes were amusing like Stirling speaking fluent French when he came out of the coma, but others were pretty scary and make you realise how fragile a thing your brain is.

    Something else I find interesting as well is what Sir Stirling touched on at the end, that for him motor sport should be dangerous. I think Sir Stirling and Sir Jackie personify the two sides of that disagreement with Jackie being at the forefront of the campaigns to make F1 safer. I’m in no way placed to say who’s right, but I find the division in motor sport philosophies fascinating.



    I found that point about the dangers of motorsport very interesting.

    It seems that Striling came through a period of acceptable danger in motorpsort. By the time Jackie was racing it was less acceptable.

    I can understand both sides of the arguement, but I favour Jackie’s view.

    Would we really accept the dangers now? Just look back at this years Indy 500 to see how Mike Conway survived the horrific crash near the end of the race.

    Also, with the footage of the Mille Miglia, you can see the dangers clearly to the crowd. This, Stirling said, always made him uncomfortable; driving towards the spectators. It was a crash involving spectator deaths that brought an end to this race.



    I thought it was a bit rubbish. Too much Hammond, not enough Moss.



    It was plently of Hammond but on the other hand it was supposed to be a comparison of the experiences of brain damage after a crash rather than a programme about Moss. I thought it was pretty fair.



    I’ve finished watching in now. Must say, very pleasantly suprised. I stopped liking Hammond a while ago, he’s become very annoying on what used to be quite interesting documentaries and on Top Gear, which has just been going on too long now.

    But really this was a very calm and interesting discussion programme about two men discussing their accidents an how it affects your lives. Very interesting infomation on the effects of brain trauma as well. I don’t think there was too much Hammond compared to Moss an I was glad the whole thing was taken seriously rather than lets blow up a caravan silly.

    Well worth a watch.

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