Have Mercedes pulled off a masterstroke with their FP2 programme?

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    Mercedes may well have pulled off a masterstroke with the way they ran their FP2 programme. In FP1, the mercs also focused on race pace but tyre deg was bad and Hamilton was on the radio “these tyres are destroyed”, at the start of FP2 however, whilst everyone else was pumping in the quick laps, Mercedes were focusing on Race pace which looked very very good; their tyre deg was 1 second over 14 laps. Then given it rained when everyone else was supposed to do their race sim, the only team with proper race pace data is mercedes; Gary Anderson also said that as far as tyre deg was concerned, Lotus and Mercedes seemed to be a step ahead of everyone, Ferrari are using their tyres hard but not beyond what is “ok”, and he thought RB was struggling partiularly with rears. As far as their qualifying pace is concerned, Hamilton confirmed they were unable to carry out proper short runs as the rain arrived, i think its worth keeping an eye out on Mercedes this weekend.

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