Has Monza solved the run-off area problem?


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    In the current era of getting rid of gravel traps in favour of tarmac run-offs, there’s a feeling amongst many (myself included) that there’s not enough of a penalty for making a hash of a corner and going off the circuit.

    The sleeping policeman round the chicanes at Monza look to be a great compromise for slowing the cars down when they disappear off the track – the cars have to slow down to hop over them unless they want to leave bits of their car behind.

    I suppose there’s a risk of the bumps launching a car if it hits them sideways at high speed, but I assume the powers that be have looked at the possibility and are happy with it.

    I’d like to see this approach tried at a few other circuits, just to see if it works elsewhere too.



    Monaco tried the speed bumps, and had to remove them after Rosberg’s accident. At safe places they could certainly be used, like some of the slow corners in S3 of Abu Dhabi.



    Didn’t Monza just change a few of these? http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/94413



    @raymondu999 The changes seem fair enough. If the drivers have to slow and go round them, then they still get the penalty effect without damaging the cars.

    @kaiie I agree that the bumps have to be a decent distance from walls and barriers, so that cars will have a chance to land and slow down a bit before impact. Monaco is a special case – as it is in pretty much every other respect.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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