Headphones for my radio for a GP?

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    I’m going to the British GP this year. When I went a couple of years ago I found that having a portable radio (FM radio on my mobile) was great. It meant I had a stream of valuable info throughout the weekend from radio Silverstone. Now my Sony headphones have died, it’s a perfect opportunity to upgrade them before the British GP. Having the ear-canal headphones acts as ear plugs at the same time.

    So any recommendations?

    I was looking at maybe Sennheiser CX 270. The wife was bit shocked at the 30 price tag. I don’t think it’s too bad.

    Will the “excellent passive attenuation of ambient noise” make a difference at a GP? Or, do I go for a cheaper sub 10 set?



    I don’t use in ear headphones, I have some HD25 which are great at noise cancellation but if you are using them as ear plugs I guess in-ear ones would help better.



    I use Nixon in ear phones. Decent sound quality for the price, lots of low end. For a GP I would use a pair of in ears with a pair of ear muffs over the top. I have a really nice pair of Peltors (what you see on most of the teams at the races) that I use over my in-ears when I mow my lawn, and it works great.



    Thanks US_Peter, that’s a pretty good idea. A set of Peltor’s from Screwfix is only 13, so I could then use pretty much any in ear headphones. Not a bad option to take.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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