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    Heidfeld has been released of his contract with Mercedes to join Pirelli’s development program. Will he ever come back racing in F1 ? I doubt it



    I am afraid but I think that is end of the road for Nick. I think Di Resta may join Mercedes in the future as he have done some testing with the Mercedes power Force India car.



    So he will be known unfortunately as one of the greatest drivers never to win a race, with his 8 second place finishes…



    In any other year, as Pirelli’s test driver for the remainder of the year, teams would be verry interested in taking him on for next season, because he would have months of experience on the new tyres that all the other drivers lack. The problem for Nick, again, is that he’s just in the right place at the wrong time, all the top teams are stable next year (unless Massa does a runner in shame), apart from Renault, and I’m not sure re-uniting Kubica and Heidfeld is what the team or either driver wants.

    Perhaps Schumacher will have a family crisis and Brawn will tearfully be forced to take Heidfeld and his knowledge back?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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