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    I started my karting “career” not long ago, and i’m looking for a good helmet design. Anybody wants to suggest any cool helmets? They dont have to be f1 helmets, but just some cool helmet designs to base mine off of.



    I like the look of this one


    theres a few good designs on there too



    this one is pretty cool http://images.myleather.com/imagesproc/49330_H_SH315_MW355.jpg

    maybe you can google some designs, to have some ideas



    I’m thinking of getting my helmet customised, but I would suggest to you to make your own up! If you give the helmet painter an idea of what you would like, they can really bring your thoughts on design into reality.

    I’ve been told it’s much better having “your” helmet than one heavily based of someone elses.



    Do you want something with a lot of detail? If not having one base colour and then a small pattern or a couple of blocks of colour may be nice. Simple but nice and it’ll be easier to spot you when karting. Senna’s, Button’s last year’s one, Cevert’s, Massa’s, Schumi’s, hakkinen’s are all cool for the simplicity.


    if not go for something bonkers like a rubix cube for a helmet ;P



    Great example Steph, thats the helmet design of Joey Dunlop, King of the Roads and 26 time TT winner. You see quite a lot of those helmets in TT week, its a brilliantly simple design.


    sbl on tour

    joey dunlop, king of the road, remember the day of joeys funeral, standing on antrim road bridge looking over the M2 seeing hundreds of bikes coming up the hill from belfast heading for ballymoney, a fair few had joey helmets, made the hair stand on the back of my neck I can tell you

    keep her lit




    Joey was one of the greatest racers ever as well as being a bloody good bloke.

    His family run the Joey Dunlop Foundation to help people with disabilities, you can find more information here: http://joeydunlopfoundation.homestead.com/milky.html

    They’ve got some great merchandise at affordable prices too and all profits go to a very good cause.

    Whenever it comes to helmets I’ve always preferred the simple designs, it makes them easy to spot at high speed and they always seem to be more memorable too. If you’re getting a custom job done it’ll probably work out a fair bit cheaper as well (if that’s a factor) plus it also leaves you with plenty of scope for developing the design over time while still keeping the original feel.

    Like a lot of people one of my favourites is Senna’s, it’s simple yet still has personal significance because he’s used his national colours.

    In the end though it’s got to be something you like, and I hope you’re going to post a few pictures once it’s done !



    Joey, local hero for me, lived just outside the town I went to school in. Absolute legend he was and such a nice guy to. Rest in Piece man.



    I have just been getting more into karting and like you wanted to personalize my helmet and make me stand out so my friends can see me more easily. I had lots of day glow orange from work so just cut a simple design out of that. Its just my initials really (Adam William Fry)




    What do you think of it?



    Looks Good! Love the font and all, Im gonna get mine airbrushed, so I want something pretty crazy, Im thinking, American Flag, with two of the red and white stripes enlarged to fake the Polish flag. And the Polish White Eagle on top :) But thats just the beggining design ;)



    Thanks. That sounds like it would be a cool design. Too posh for me! Only thing is you have to be quite quick to pull of your pro looking helmet!



    What about my helmet (designed by myself!)? Apart from the F, my initial, obviously!




    Good luck to you in your karting career. be careful with the barriers though. I began my karting ‘career’ a while ago as well and sustained a massive crash because of faulty braking. got a crack in my vertebrae now and have to spend the next 5 weeks in bed.

    Hope you’ll be alright and I’d suggest a simple helmet design on 2/3 base colors. Can’t choose for you though!



    Ouch, just last saturday I saw a driver with a brake failure, he went flying into the paddock (!) and luckly avoided everything, but ran right throught the sidewalks and grass. Thats definetly one of the scariest things possible on a go kart. Anyway, yah, That one I mentioned above is my final helmet, like if I go past Karting :)

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