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    when the h3ll will bernie embrace hi def? had the pleasure of watching le mans 24hrs in full HD on eurosport and it looked great. had to switch to lo def F1 a few hours later and the difference was very noticeable.

    if bernie is so into ‘improving the show’, let’s at least get the pictures that the sport deserves.



    the technology at Le Mans is fantastic for viewers. I was watching Audi tv on their website which allowed me to watch the onboard camera whenever I wanted from any of the cars.

    F1 should be in HD, its now lagging behind. However, assuming what the autosport article says is true – about the lack of demand for it, then I can understand why it hasn’t been implemented. Bernie has no desire to be the first or the best – he has a desire to make money. If you can’t make money immediately, why bother?

    its not the right attitude, but its his and unfortunately he controls the shots


    Prisoner Monkeys

    <bockquote>if bernie is so into ‘improving the show’, let’s at least get the pictures that the sport deserves.

    The problem with that is that the digital boxes that enable people to view things in HD have only just become commercially available in England, and the rest of Europe is watching to see how it is received. Likewise, they’ve only become available in Australia. If Formula 1 was broadcast in HD from tomorrow, there’s only a small percentage of people who would be able to receive it.

    However, analog signals are being turned off (at least in Australia) in 2012, and they’re being replaced by digital broadcasts. Our government is subsidising the change-over down here, but it’s not something that can be done overnight. Ecclestone obviously doesn’t want to change over to high definition until he knows that it’s getting maximum coverage. Until then, it’s a unnecessary expense.



    2012 is the latest news. It’s on autosport.



    FFs originally it was hinted that 2009 was going to be HD, i hope to god it wont slip till 2012.

    Football has been HD for ages now and Le Mans has had it for a few years ‘the pinnacle of motorsport’ one would it expect it to have the best facilities.

    How long did it take from sky launching a channel to football going 3D also? A few weeks?

    Bernie is really letting everyone down on this one.



    Bernie has said recently not to expect F1 in HD before 2012. He claims most people don’t have HDTV capabilities. Most people I know have and HDTV, including my grandparents. Certainly every gamer I know owns an HD set to get the most out of their PS3 and Xbox 360.

    Admittedly, less of those HDTV owners have access to HDTV broadcasts, but then, other than Sky or Virgin Media, choice are limited at the moment, but with Freesat having been available for a while (I have it, it’s wonderful), and Freeview HD rolling out now, and for not exactly massive amounts of money, I don’t see why it should be too much of a problem.

    Plus, how many people are holding out on going HD until there is more HD content on it? Surely it’s up to everyone involved in TV to roll out more HD content. I bet many F1 fans without HDTV’s would save up for one over the next 6 months and buy one if there was a promise that the F1 would be broadcast in HD in 2011.

    I think Bernie’s got his thinking cap on backwards.



    I have a full HD tv and would buy a freeview or freesat HD tuner if F1 was in HD. Bernie is being an arsehole over HD in my book. The other major sports already have it, but F1 is not only behind but will stay behind for another 2 years on Bernies stupid timetable.



    Agree with Mouse_Nightshirt that they are currently testing the system & we may have HD in F1 by 2012.



    the Japanese GPs in the last two years were broadcasted by the local Fuji TV, and in HD, with 60 fps instead of the regular 23-30. it’s a brand new world of F1 O.o



    I am pretty sure hardly anyone buys other than HDTV screens now, only noname producers actually offer them. And digital signal is becoming available more and more. The Netherlands has it throuh cable (80% coverage) and satelite, the Czech Republic is 100 % digital and Germany is pretty good on track as well.

    With Football going HD several years ago, it gave an impulse for the supply of sets to change and brought HD into the main stream. Sure nobody is going to give Bernie extra money just for offering HD, but i feel the time is coming when he will get less by not being HD.

    Even internet streams are starting to offer HD signal content, so this is something F1 should be going for as soon as possible, not in 3 years.



    I ordered an HD TV just a couple of days ago actually. However, unless I pay extra for HD channels including BBC HD, the signal I recieve will not be of superior quality to the current one, right?



    matt90 – thats right if your on sky, they charge you for everything. If your on Virgin HD is no extra cost, but there is slightly less variety.

    However, you can pay them every penny you’ve got and you still can’t get F1HD!



    Ah, stop whining: http://www.xkcd.com/732/

    Seriously though, I don’t care that much about HD. Sure, it looks great. But for the sake of you have to spend an extra amount on your TV and another 10 a month subscription if you have Sky or another hundred or so quid for Freesat. A case in point is when I told my mother she’d need a HD subscription and/or box AND have to buy a HDMI cable. The whole thing to me is a money-making scam.

    If you’ve forked out I can understand why you’d want F1 in HD, but a lot of us simply don’t care.



    I have an HD telly, I have freesat an I just watched the penultimate episode of of Dr Who in HD, it is so very very much better and so worth it. To see those kind of details on the F1 cars would just be amazing, it would give detail to everything and in a sport like ours that is to be highly valued.



    Bernie and LG were complaining that viewers would be dissappointed if a HD camera shot suddenly switched to the lower quality onboard shots.

    no we wouldn’t! ffs these people will find any excuse.

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