High Performance Computing in F1

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    Does anyone know where in the FIA regulations the amount of High performance computing(HPC) is limited. I understand it is limited to 20TFlops to help level the playing field between the well off teams and those strapped for cash. But I can’t find where in the regulations it is defined or how it is policed. HPC is used for CFD, 3D design, stress analysis etc…
    Any one got any ideas.


    Keith Collantine

    @lukes The last I heard about that I put in this article, which includes some details on the TFlops-vs-windtunnel-hours limit:

    Factory upgrades to boost Lotus in 2011



    Thanks Keith – So it’s not in the FIA regs. But part of the FOTA Resource Restriction Agreement and only applies to CFD and Wind tunnel time and presumably only members of FOTA. Are Farrari and Red Bull still out? Is the RRA published anywhere?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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