Hispania still lacking sponsorship??

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    Its kinda sad to see this team running with virtually no sponsorship. They have these big stickers on the car “Your Logo” “This Could be You” & “Cool Spot” On the rear wing.

    Is it that no major company wants to be associated with a losing team? Out of curiousity what kind of Cash $$$ are they chasing for these advertising spots?

    Yes, they are supreme underdogs, but, i wish them all the best.

    Does any one expect to see them around in 2012? or are they totally up for sale?



    I think they should look away from being the “Hispania” team and try to attract sponsors from countries where just being in F1 is enough. Spain already has Alonso and Santander, imagine sponsoring a losing team and what that would do to the company’s image at home. Whereas if they got the sponsorship of a company based somewhere where F1 hasn’t got any backing from yet, it wouldn’t matter too much where they finished.

    In the early days of Stewart, Sir Jackie made sure their corporate hosting was the best in the paddock, to soothe sponsors who turn up to see both cars blow up or crash into the wall until the team had established itself as competitive. Hispania may want to look into such a model when they get actual sponsors.

    I have to say, I love that they went ahead with those markings.



    Thanks for ur thoughts, I hope they hang in there and don’t crumble.



    They may be playing quite a clever game. There’s no reason for them to jump at the first opportunity of sponsorship they get, it might not suit them. I’m sure the car will fill up by mid-season, particularly if they start getting on top of Virgin.



    I don’t think it’s because sponsors don’t want to be associated with a losing team, Plenty of tail-end charlies have had sponsors in the past, usually many smaller ones rather than fewer larger ones, but sponsors none-the-less. In the final years of Minardi, the car was spattered with what seemed like hundreds of sponsor logos.

    I think it’s just harder to get people to part with their money with the world in its current situation.



    Is there really a decal on the rear wing saying ‘grid ends here’ or was that a photoshop?



    I think it’s real! You can’t zoom in but you can see a tiny sticker on the HRT here: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/kart_hrt_shan_20111.jpg


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Probably a photoshop/internet rumour. There is a decal there, but it reads “Car ends here”.



    The team owner has a fair bit of coin, so he’s financing the team at the moment. He would definitely be wanting sponsors so that he doesn’t have to sink as much money into the team as he presently does.


    Adam Tate

    I really hope they get some sponsors lined up soon. That said, I really enjoy that they do not have a sponsor dictating their livery. It makes for a much better looking car, something I’d like to see the other teams move to. Let’s have a campaign to make racing liveries beautiful again!



    I heard Sakon payed over a million dollers for his run with the team last year, straight out of his family’s pocket..



    Good value come to think of it, Im sure of most of us had multi-million dollar backing and were in good physical shape we would throw the coin in also and drive..Wouldnt you?



    DavidS, that is not very accurate. The owner has companies, but those are currently fairing pretty badly with the Spanish economy being as it is.

    A lot of money is coming from Tata this year, probalby paying for the rear end. And they get some 10 million from Bernie I think. The rest is Kolles supplying his facilities largely without payment made now, adding it to a money owned list for future payments, if the team survives and finds a backer with more money available.

    I hope they do find some sponsors to take on, although the car looks nice with its empty cool spot on the rear wing.



    Finnish MTV3 did a feature on their Turkish prerace show about sponsorship. Apparently even the smallest deals are worth million(s) of euros (excluding drivers’ own sponsorships), so just a few sponsors could make a big difference to HRT’s budget.



    “…particularly if they start getting on top of Virgin”. Be honest now, I’m not the only one who found that funny :)

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