How could the title-deciding race play out?

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    So, there are 4 drivers still in contention for the 2010 Formula 1 World Championship with only one race remaining – Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. Imagine some situations of how the title-deciding race could play out in Abu Dhabi and post your thoughts. You can use the F1Fanatic Championship Calculator at http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/championship-calculator/ if you need any help working out points permutations.

    I’ll start with one. Imagine the following situation: the two Red Bulls lead in Abu Dhabi – Vettel 1, Webber 2, with Alonso 3rd and Hamilton 4th. They swap the two drivers so that Webber can win the WDC for the team by 2 points from Alonso. However, Alonso suffers an engine failure a few laps later…

    Had they not have swapped positions, Vettel and Webber would’ve been equal on 256 points, 10 ahead of Alonso and 19 ahead of Hamilton, but Vettel would’ve been crowned champion with 5 wins to Webber’s 4.

    So what do they do now? Do they swap back and crown Vettel champion or leave it as it is and crown Webber champion? Would Webber even take the order to hand the championship back to his team mate? Would Vettel try to attack Webber for the championship and would Red Bull allow it, knowing that if their 2 driver’s collided then Hamilton would snatch the title? How would you see that situation unfolding?


    Dan Thorn

    In that situation I think the selfish nature of racing drivers would mean that Webber would stick two fingers up to his team and go and win the championship. That said I think Red Bull would wait until the last lap to make a switch, but who knows!

    I think the Bulls will be at the front again in Abu Dhabi but Alonso will be much closer. It seems the type of track where Ferrari might be strong again. McLaren appear to have dropped too far off to play any significant part. There are so many scenarios that could feasibly happen next week I’d hate to pick.




    It’s just like 86. Webber (Mansell) and Vettel (Piquet) are too busy fighting each other in their dominant Red Bull Renault’s (Williams Honda Turbo’s) that they trip each other up and allow Alonso (Prost) to swoop in and take the World Championship in the not quite as quick Ferrari (McLaren).



    I personally believe this might happen although I hope not for Fernando: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2010/11/07/vettel-leads-red-bull-one-two-in-brazil/#comment-470196



    This is one of the best permutations you can get.

    1. VET





    That leaves all drivers on 256 points!! Wonder if Vettel will yield then?

    ALO wins the championship because of positions!!



    comes down to if during the race in the last few laps Alonso is 5th or better VET lets WEB pass if he is ahead



    Webber and Vettel take each other out, Alonso’s engine dies.

    I have a funny feeling that in reality one of those things will actually happen.


    sbl on tour

    think alonso will do a lights to flag




    RB really want to hope that the McLaren is the second fastest car in Abu Dhabi (very possible) and that Jenson remembers how to qualify well


    Fer no.65

    I think the drivers champ is already lost for Red Bull, as Fernando should be as fast as the Red Bulls in Abu Dhabi.



    yep, gotta agree. This is now Alonso’s to lose. Red Bull lost it themselves. Can’t help but think while its great from a racing perspective, Red Bull have very much shot themselves in the foot



    Yep, they should have switched their drivers in Brazil and then agreed to detonate Webber’s car if a situation arises in Abu Dhabi that means Webber would win instead of Vettel.



    I posted my favourite scenario in the “Vettel keeps title hopes alive with Brazil win” article feedback.

    I would like to see Alonso sell Red Bull a dummy.

    Picture this:

    Vettel leads Webber. Its the second to last lap and Rocky and Vettel are desperately quiet, thinking about when to let Webber past as Alonso is the only one within a couple of seconds behind Webber and Hamilton lies fourth, but 20 seconds behind Alonso.

    And then: disaster. For Alonso. He slows down, has his engine gone at the last minute? Has he lost a gear? Vettel grins and puts his foot down.

    But as Vettel nears the line, suddenly Alonso speeds up again: there never had been a problem. What there had been, was the spare mental capacity to deceive an overly proud Vettel and Red Bull Racing. Vettel crosses the line first. Webber, refused and fuming, comes home second. And Alonso laughs maniacally as he weaves across the pit straight one last time. Take that Red Bull. Sportsmanship only gets you so far

    But I’m going to miss the race. I’ll be in Holland with my family having an early St. Niclas celebration and saying goodbye to my brother who’s moving to Hong Kong the week after. Ah well. I’ll most definitely tape it and watch it when I get back. I want to see Alonso do this :D



    I rate Seb would rather crash than let Webber past him. Then he can say he is sorry and it was not his intention to crash. After all, Seb could believe that it was Webber who prevented him from winning the WDC and revenge is due.

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