How do the 2012 teams look like so far?

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    I know we’re only a single qualifying session away into 2012, but I just want to get peoples opinion on how good the teams look like in 2012.

    Some interesting teams to discuss are obviously the top 5 of last year; Red Bull, Mclaren, Ferrari, Mercedes, and Lotus.

    Personally, I think that Mercedes are number one at the moment, had they had the tires in Q3, you could almost be sure they would have challenged for pole, Mclaren are very close in 2nd. Lotus is surprisingly strong and had the 3rd best car today. Red Bull are actually quite weak, I was expecting much more from them. Ferrari are just horrendous. I’ll leave the rest of the debating to you guys.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    It’s very difficult to judge anything based on one qualifying session. Most of the teams are predicting uncertainty for a few races before a clear running order emerged. There are, however, a few things we can discern so far:

    1) Ferrari is horrible. The car looked like an absolute handful in mixed conditions, but I was willing to write that off as being a product of a greasy track surface. However, qualifying was warm and clear, and the car looked even worse.

    2) Despite their lack of testing Marussia are looking much better than expected. They’re much closer to the grid than originally anticipated; both Glock and Pic were comfortably inside the 107% margin.



    Aside from the fact it is still very early in the season, there are a number of articles on this website which could accommodate this discussion. I suggest the qualifying report or the pre-race analysis. I already posted some thoughts of mine in this vein in the former.

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