How do you get into F1?

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    Lewis Bartlem

    As the title says, how do you get into F1 as an engineer/ designer?



    At this era it is hard to tell. Earlier if you were an aerodynamic expert, or a polytechnics expert with a ‘big’ name it made your way shorter. Nowdays I think RedBull has a program for engineering students.


    Antonio Nartea

    Nowdays I think RedBull has a program for engineering students.

    Mercedes do too. Can’t seem to find the video now but they explained how this works for them in one of those short YouTube features at some point. Basically it’s all based on an application system along with their own “college-scouting” efforts for gifted young engineers to whom they offer internships with the team.

    Actually I’m sure all the top teams have a program of this sort. However, since F1 is a high end affair, I assume they are very strict in terms of selection.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Generally, you need experience of working for a racing team first, particularly if you want to be an engineer. Teams rarely recruit directly out of universities – they can afford to take the best, and there is no substitute for experiece. You’d probably need to start working with Formula 3 teams or the like, and work your way up.



    F1 in schools is another great chance to step into the world of motorsport. Bári Gergő was the chief engineer in the team of BME if I remember correctly. Now he is in WTCC and he is Michelisz Norbi’s race engineer.



    its like they made this just for you;



    I think PM is right, F1 teams don’t generally recruit directly from Uni so previous motorsport experience would most likely be required.

    Slightly off point but I remember seeing a really interesting documentary where Renault (as Team Enstone were calling themselves then) ran a competition with young engineering graduates with a view to hiring them for a 6 or 12 month internship with the team. I can’t remember all the ins and outs of the competition, but I think the graduates had to submit designs for a solution which would improve the cars performance in any of a number of areas (such as aerodynamics, the mechanical aspects of the car, safety etc). The team screened the entries and then eventually narrowed the search down to 6 people who presented their ideas to the engineering team. The guy who won created an ingenious break cooling solution if I remember correctly.


    Ryan Williams

    @lewisbartlem I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve just started studying Automotive Engineering with Motorsport at the University of Hertfordshire. In my 3rd year I do a year placement which I will be aiming to do with an F1 team.

    The main thing I think teams look for is passion. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a week working with the Williams F1 Team and I got in purely through a letter I’d written to them highlighting my dream to work in F1 and my immense passion for the sport. Obviously, engineering knowledge is important too so make sure you choose GCSE/A-Level subjects and a degree that are related to F1, like I did!

    Also, if you are going to Uni, see if they enter Formula Student. It’s a massive competition where a team of students designs, builds and runs a full racing car. Ross Brawn is a patron and attends the UK competition at Silverstone every year. Geoff Willis is also a regular visitor.


    Neil Barone

    I worrk on get to F1 right now as managorment man. Graduateded collage threee year go whit A+ in communications and spelling so not bee hard get to F1 mabee whit McLaeren or Williams or Caterham or someting make me very hape and no losted



    Graduateded collage threee year go whit A+ in communications and spelling

    Mind me asking which collage?


    Neil Barone

    I graduateded from University of North Carolina at Wilmington ;)


    Lewis Bartlem

    thanks everyone for the replies :) really helpful!


    Neil Barone

    Your welcome :) :)



    I want to do Aeronautical Engineering at either Southampton University, or Imperial College, London.
    Ross mentioned that he wanted people who were involved in motorsport or something like that in some way.
    Would entering the BSKC count?
    And also, I am going to get my own kart; but not for racing; more for fun and testing.
    Does that count as motorsport experience?



    If you are in the UK you should have a look at Cranfield University

    They have a wide range of Engineering and motorsport courses and have links with a number of teams and F1 people!

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