How long will it take to make Lewis DQ announcement?

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    How long does it normally take to announce some one is being DQ’d?



    First of all, you have to see if the car is actually damaged enough to DQ him. I think they analise the cars after the race and I’d say some hours after the end of the GP.


    Master firelee

    I hope they dont because of my prediction for the race.



    Does anyone know exactly where the wooden plank is located (or starts/ends on the floor) ?

    Would seem harsh that he was penalised for a small portion of it being damaged, if that is the case.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I don’t think Hamilton will be disqualified. First of all, the car was clearly damaged on the replays, showing that the board would have been skidding against the road surface. Secondly, it was not so damaged that the car was dangerous to drive. Sebastian Vettel destroyed a good chunk of his floor and diffuser at Singapore in 2009 when he went wide over a kerb, and he was not disqualified for it.



    What PM said. I think this is mostly a huge amount of speculation. It can take a while though to find out.



    Hmm…I don’t think Lewis will be disqualified.



    Well if the board is worn past the allowed limit, the FIA have no choice but to DQ him, no matter how it happened.

    The reason is because a precedent for this situation has been set on more than one occasion. In the past two identical events, the damaged car was disqualified. So naturally, the same outcome would have to apply otherwise the rule enforcers would no only be inconsistent, but also be accused of having double standards.

    I hope those metal stubs that were creating the sparks did their job in protecting the board.



    Towards the end of the programme when Jake later said ‘bad news’ I just sighed in disbelief ready to hear that the stewards had DQ Hamilton… I was surprised to find it was actually the Sauber Team….

    I’m still on edge waiting for the inevitable DQ for Hamilton… (I hope not!)



    Well the wooden board may not have been worn enough. Wood doesn’t make sparks.



    Would they have checked Hamiltons car when they checked (and DSQ’d) the Saubers?



    How long will it take to make Lewis DQ announcement?

    Take any number, and divide it by zero.



    I can’t see Hamiltion being disqualified.

    I can’t remember the race but Massa had some contact on his front wing last year, not enough to break a piece off, but enough for it to come loose and it actually helped his lap times, or at least didn’t hinder them. To me that constitutes as moveable aero…which in 2010 was banned.

    Call the above pedantic, but I don’t think you can punish the driver for a damaged vehicle. The plank is there to keep the teams honest with their ride height.



    I think in the now unlikely event he gets DSQ’d is would ruin a brilliant start to the season. With Vettel, Hamilton and Alonso and Petrov? Prepared to fight for wins it’s important to keep the points close. We don’t need Vettel storming away from the real title challengers this early.



    @andrewtanner I think that’s quite a different situation. The plank is there just to check if the teams are within the regulations. Damaging it is unlike damaging any other parts of the car.

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