How many overtakes in Spain?

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    The leader changed a few times, but what about the rest of the grid?

    How many overtakes were there compared to previous Spanish GPs?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    There weren’t that many. I can only recall three or four being shown on-camera. There were a few movements elsewhere; Nick Heidfeld scythed through the field, whilst vitaly Petrov was caught on the hrd tyres by the Saubers – but overall, there were comparatively few overtakes in Barcelona. Which just goes to show how poor the circuit itself is: it had the longest DRS zone, and the fewest overtakes.


    Dan Thorn

    I’ve seen two figures being banded about on Twitter – one said 88, the other 60 (which sounds more reasonable to me). If it was 60, then that’s more than the previous nine races there put together.



    If there were in fact 60, my hatred of FOM will be taken to a new high.


    Dan Thorn

    Haha, for all we know Heidfeld could have drifted around the outside of three cars at turn 9…

    In fact, given that we’ll probably never see any footage proving that it didn’t happen, lets just assume it did.



    88, according to Clip the Apex.

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