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    How many hours of motorsport have you watched on TV this weekend?

    Well over 10 for me – 4 and a half hours of Grand Prix, plus qualifying and a bit of practice; bikes in the wet – good fun – and several hours of Le Mans.

    All good stuff, must have been through every emotion on offer. Great effort from the race commentators on Eurosport and BBC, kept us entertained even when there wasn’t much going on.



    Let’s see… F1 = 2×1 hours + 1 hour of practice, 2 hours of quali, 1 hours of race buildup, 4 hours of race. Had to sleep a bit during the night, so just some 18 hours of Le Mans. In total, some 30 hours of racing in roughly 48 hours. Not bad!


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Four and a half. I picked up the Canadian Grand Prix in the middle of the stupid pre-race show (why they can’t give us the BBC feed with gridwalk is beyond me; all we get is this stupid “analysis” by people who manage to construct everything in Webber’s favour), and then I watched it until the end of the race.



    Probably about 6.5

    Qualifying for F1 – 1 hour

    First hour of Le Mans – 1 hour

    Final hour of Le Mans – 1 hour

    Buildup, start and first part of Canadian GP – 2 hours

    Only some of the time under red flag and finish of race – 1.5 hours.




    4 hours for the F1 race + 1 hour pre-show

    1 hour of F1 Qualy

    30 mins of the MotoGP

    30 mins of the Moto2

    12ish hours of Le Mans

    Pretty good weekend I must say..



    I watched:

    F1 FP1,2,3

    F1 Quali

    Motogp, 125cc, Moto2 Quali

    Motogp, 125cc, Moto2 Races

    F1 Race (including the tedious red flag bit).

    Don’t know how much that is in time, and frankly I don’t really care, ’cause I can’t think of a better way to spend my weekend!

    (Apart from actually going to a race!)



    I watched:

    F1 – Free Practice 1

    F1 – Free Practice 2

    F1 – Free Practice 3

    F1 – Qualifying (Including BBC buildup)

    F1 – Race (Including BBC buildup and red flag period)

    MotoGP – Qualifying

    MotoGP – Race



    World Super Bike – Qualifying

    World Super Bike – Race

    SpeedwayGP – Race

    IndyCar – Race 1

    IndyCar – Race 2

    NASCAR Sprint Cup – Qualifying

    NASCAR Sprint Cup – Race (Including TNT buildup)

    Le Mans 24 Hours – About 12 hours including the start and the finish.

    Not sure how much that was but it was a marathon….and I loved every minute of it.




    Le Man 24hrs – Watch around 18hrs

    F1 FP2 – 1.5hrs

    F1 Qualy in build up

    F1 Race – 4hrs (had the live pause it on lap 15 and caught up 15mins into the redflag)

    Not as much as some but by far and away the best ‘Racing Weekend’ this year.



    F1 quali-1 hour

    F1 race- 4 hours

    If build up to the race is counted then add another one hour.

    Moto GP 1 hour.

    No feed for Lemans.




    FP1, FP2, FP3, Qualifying @ full race coverage (Including pre session buildups)

    125cc, Moto2, and MotoGP:

    Full qualy and race sessions + 3rd Practice for MotoGP

    Le-mans – 3Hrs



    22 hours of Le Mans live (no tv eh!)

    the moto gp race, the british superbikes race and the F1.




    A lot! Lets see, it was FP1-FP3 that was ehm, 4 hours. Then LeMans training about 30 minutes (the running at night!). Part of LeMans qualifying, another 30 minutes.

    LeMans race – about 14 hours with in between the watching F1 qualifying 2 hours. Then the race was 5 h and buildup another 1 hour.

    Totalling 27 hours. Not bad.



    Probably the same as KaIIe.

    Must say I don’t like the Eurosport Le Mans coverage very much, to many interviews and internal shots of garages and the crews. I want to see fast and very loud cars, not unknowns scratching beards. So listened on-line to Radio Le-mans instead. I mean to say where else can you get lines like “Oh, here’s the candy lady, I’m so excited”



    I was pleasantly surprised at the coverage we got to enjoy in Australia. We had a choice between the Eurosport feed on 1 channel and the Speed TV (American) feed on another channel. Motorsport is finally getting the coverage it deserves in this country.



    I think myself, TommyB, Dan_Thorn, Ned Flanders, PeachyF1 and RatBoy watched/played near enough 3 solid days of motorsport related goodness, including the Canadian Grand Prix FP1,2,3, qualifying, pre-race show, race (including 2 hours of seagull and red-tipped-blackbird footage), the British Moto GP, several hours of Le Mans (Real) and one and a half hours of 24 Laps du Mans (on the PlayStation 3), a season’s worth of 5-lap races on both F1 and F1 ’97 on the PlayStation, a fair amount of Crash Team Racing, Classic Grand Prix on the red button, copious amounts of motorsport on YouTube, Forza Motorsport 3 and Trials HD well into the night on the Xbox 360, and to top it off, some Police Camera Action and the Isle of Mann TT on ITV4 on Monday morning.

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