How will the 2014 cars look

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    Does anyone have or working on a rendering of how the 2014 cars will look ?



    Prisoner Monkeys

    They’re probably going to look like last year’s McLaren. They had a genuine low nose for years.




    I think the nose is a bit lower then it will actually be on this one.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I do quite like the double-barrel shotgun exhaust in the topsportracing image.




    @tom_ec1 In your link there is also mentioned that gearboxes are to have 8 forward ratios and those ratios are fixed for the season. What good does that do? Why take away an important part of the setup?



    What could be seen as a positive is that the front wings will be narrower so that should see less contact between the front wings and rear tyres. I’ve read that the endplates could have an inwash design (like the pre-2009 cars) because of the reduced length.



    Re: telemetry.
    I do not think your “21st century” argument applies. If it did, shouldn’t the F1 cars be driven by AI robots? After all, they are half the way there, given the micro management we see in pit radio transcripts :-).
    Not just in F1 but in general, I have always had more respect for people who are not only skilled, but also think while doing their thing. Driving fast is nice and it is an obvious must to get to F1, but IMHO a “real driver” should also be able to make decisions, like they did before pit radios came into F1. So I’d really like F1 cutting down on telemetry, just a radio link used for emergencies, and boards with numbers and letters on the pitwall. I wonder how the current crop of drivers would do, I suspect the pecking order would be different.



    Assuming unlimited money, here’s another idea:
    10 teams, they have special test drivers for developing their cars. The “racing” drivers are hired not by teams, but by the Formula 1 organization. Before the season starts, a big lottery is held (broadcast on TV) where every driver will be assigned teams for individual GP’s.
    While the draw will be essentially random, there will be safeguards in place to make sure that every drivers drives for each team exactly twice (there will be 20 GP’s), once in the first half and then in the second half of the season. Drivers have Monday through Thursday before a particular GP to familiarize themselves with their assigned cars and teams, there is a limit on kilometers they can drive during that time.
    The Driver’s Cup and Constructor’s Cup are scored as usual.
    I’d really love to see at least a season ran this way.


    Lucas Wilson

    It will be nice to see low noses again :-). The last cars with low noses were the 2009 cars: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/mclaren_mp2-24_2009f1car-111.jpg *

    Of course McLaren has kept the low nose for a couple of years, which is nice.

    * WARNING: Yes, that is a 2009 McLaren, so I don’t blame you for not wanting to look at it :-)


    Djangles LeVaughn

    Besides low noses what about roll hoops and sidepod mounted intakes for next year? It was a common feature for every car from the previous turbo era.
    The Williams FW11 is a good example.



    @full-throttle-f1 What’s wrong with a 2009 McLaren? :/



    Sorry about the two irrelevant posts, I have been posting them to entirely different thread that seems to have disappeared now.
    Re 2014 rules: I really appreciate lower noses, it’s been a beauty killer for me ever since they appeared in the 90’s. I hope they keep pushing rules in this direction. I would also simplify the front wing by allowing only one horizontal plate, I think the cars would then look way better and since a simple front wing does not allow for extreme airflow optimization we have now, it would also make the dirty air problem less serious.


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