How will the 2014 cars look

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    Interesting how this gets almost universal revulsion, given the subjective nature of aesthetics. I think I’m among the minority who barely notices stuff like this as I find single seats both aesthetically unappealing and unattractive from and engineering standpoint too.

    The wishbones and big tyres are like the exposed ribs and bloated organs of some dead creature. An F1 car is like a decomposing LMP.



    If there is a chance to exploit something in the rules, the teams will do it. I’m sure teams have tried various designs and if they found out that this kind of design brings air under the car in the best way there is only physics to blame and one shouldn’t do that.
    If the FIA wanted to have a design resembling the lower McLaren noses they could have worded the rules in order to achieve that. Nobody here or in teams demanded that only a small cross section has to be low, why not determine that the “entire width” (width to be determined somewhere around the suspension and 80% of that to be determined as entire width, transition to that part can only be done in constant radius slopes – or something like that, there are billions of ways to determine something will look the way you want it to) has to be below 185mm at the front?
    I wouldn’t blame FIA for not foreseeing that teams will try to exploit the rules in that way but I wouldn’t blame the teams for doing it either. The only thing that needs to be done is change the misdirected rule which one should seriously have done earlier since most teams start to change most of their staff to the development of the new cars in september. Hindsight is a beautiful thing.



    @prisoner-monkeys that does looks alright, actually.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I found this mock-up of the RB9 might look with a 2014-spec nose:


    I don’t see what all the fuss is about myself.



    I must say that all these posts have got me scared.

    @muzzleflash Like anyone who grows up living with the Elephant Man as a brother, you come to love the look of these things, or at least I do. One thing that attracts me to the aesthetics of the cars is the natural curves used to generate downforce, but actually do look fantastically flowing.



    This is a nice video comparing the 2013 car with that of 2014 (the nose is up for discussion of course).


    Lucas Wilson

    Iestyn Davies

    Looks like a ‘step’ in the wrong direction (aesthetically, not aerodynamically)…



    Master firelee


    Looks like someone took a sledgehammer and hit the nose with it. A bit like my first impression of the 2012 Force India.



    It matches the shape at the back (above the engine, by ‘Kingfisher’ in those pictures) that some stupid rule forces them to have. And odd-looking humps on the front of cars are very cool at the moment…



    @master-firelee, thanks for the links, I really wonder how it will unfold :)

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