How will you survive until Bahrain?

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    It feels like yesterday when I started a similar thread last year. This season has gone far too quickly :(

    So what are you going to be getting up to from now until Bahrain fp1? Any special plans? Anyone planning an F1 trip for next year?

    Also, thank you to you all for making this season so enjoyable and take care in the off season!



    To keep reading this site for updates. The driver market has hasn’t been decided yet and I get the feeling Webber might not be at Red Bull despite what they’re saying on TV right now. There’s plenty of action still to enjoy.



    I DONT KNOW!! oh shit……if Alonso won, I would be very happy and could talk about it forever but now…it’s just another end of the season. and there’s nothing ahead until Bahrain…somebody help me.

    it was joke. I have to participate in F1 My Friend Championship. I chose Ferrari of course. maybe Alonso is not the world champion of 2010, but I should be!! I’m faster than you Alonso! lol



    Got to agree with SennaNmbr1 there, I think the driver market will keep me entertained for a month or so.

    Other than that..I don’t know! At least I have an xbox f1 game now to play. And its the shortest off season for a while I think. I hate this time of the year though, F1 is my life from March – November, now I have to wait for it to come around again!



    Im sad that the seasons over a good chunk of my entertainment is from formula 1 but i might go to Spa next year or mabye even Silverstone but im not sure.

    but i agree Sennanmbr1 the drivers market will be interesting



    F1F is the answer. I remember last February i was following the first tests while studying for my exams, it was a really nice atmosphere.


    Fer no.65

    At least ill be on holidays :)

    so, ill chill with my pals at the beach :D!



    Young driver test, Pirelli test, pre-season tests. And oh, having a life beyond F1 as well! :)



    I’ll be breaking out F1 2010 for part of the winter. Hopefully it doesn’t keep crashing…..

    Other than that I’ll be checking on here everyday to keep up with all the winter goings on.

    Planning on heading for Silverstone in 2011 for my first race. I’ll have to be sorting out my holidays for that weekend but that will definitely be on the cards.

    For my Christmas present to myself, there will be some visits to Mondello Park for a few track days. They are always good fun.

    As I type this, I’m really disappointed that the season is finished.

    It’s been fantastic.

    Congratulations to Vettel and all his fans.

    Cant wait for 2011! :D



    I don’t think the devastation I’m suffering from right now will go away any time this decade, never mind before Bahrain!



    Don’t worry Daykind now you say that, next year he will probably come back and win it. I still can’t decide who the better driver was this season there are 3 contenders Alonso Vettel and Webber



    Well, there hasn’t been a bigger gap in cars since 2004 with Ferrari and Schumacher won his title comfortably. When you consider that it shows how good of a job Alonso done to pull quite frankly a 4-5th place car to race wins. Next year the cars will be a lot closer and will show who really is the true champion. I just can’t see how Vettel would’ve won that title if they didn’t have a natural .5 sec/lap lead on the other teams.



    Not sure how I’ll survive it! Have to find some other hobby!

    And I actually am planning to go to an f1 race next year, for the first time. Probably Hungaroring or Monza.



    I will listen to: Queen – We Are the Champions on repeat…




    I’ll pass the next 4 months asking myself how Alonso lost it.

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