How would you improve the Valencia circuit?

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    “Dump it in the harbour” may be a popular answer…

    …but I suspect there’ll be at least one or two more races there. But it’s frustrating to see the same old flawed track layout year after year, when a temporary street circuit must be the easiest and cheapest to change – it could be just a case of moving some concrete walls and kerbs a bit. After all, Singapore has made quite a few changes in the same period.

    The end of the lap is pretty good – the double right-hander, fast sweeps and last corner – although the pit entry seems awkward and dangerous. But all those slow corners leading into straights leading into right-left chicanes just aren’t working at F1 level.

    Which bits of the track would you change? Turn the chicanes into hairpins? Run the circuit into the city nearer the landmark buildings (as Joe Saward has suggested)? Get rid of the turn 12-13 chicane and replace with some faster corners?



    Make it an oval :P

    Neh just get rid of the whole first section. The corners are too slow, especially the one after the bridge. It separates the cars too much, not even double DRS could save it.



    I’d improve it by two ways:

    First, I would get rid of it. That way no-one could see how bad it is.

    Secondly, I would also remove Catalunya, to stop Valencia looking even worse by comparison.



    Destroy it and do it once again with feeling.



    I’d get rid of the track first, but if it must stay on the calendar, here’s my take on it… Basically the goal is to make it a more of a street circuit.

    T1 runs wider. T2 utilises the roundabout (that’s currently just after the runoff area there) and is a proper 180 degree hairpin. T3 becomes a hairpin as well, but with a very wide entry.

    T4/5, 6 and 7 remain unchanged. There’s no runoff area to the left of the entry into T8, which is a 90 degree right hander. Over the bridge. T9 isn’t as tight as it is now, and uses the current runoff area.

    T12/13 (T11/12 after the modifications) is actually a pretty nice chicane. T14 (T13) gets the same treatment as T9, with the cars running right next to the wall on the exit. The next “straight” really becomes a straight, instead of that weird and stupid zig-zag it currently is.

    Sector three remains unchanged, with the exception of removing the runoff area from the exit of T20.

    Here’s a map: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1933987/borencia_mod.jpg

    Alternatively, I’d just chop half of the circuit of. Make T12 the last corner and modify the first sector.



    I, unlike many here, really like the Valencia circuit. The problem is that it’ll never produce good racing. The last part of it for example is a great section – but its all full throttle and is a glorified acceleration zone. Therefore, no one will ever be able to pass in this section, except at the braking point for the last corner – and usually, because of the issues F1 cars have with following each other, this never happens.

    Realistically, the circuit is unfixable. Which is a shame as I do like it, but it’ll lend itself to processional races for as long as it remains the same – and due to space constraints, I can’t see them being able to change it.



    because of the issues F1 cars have with following each other

    That hasn’t happened this year though. Only in Valencia. It was like watching a race from 2008 again where all the cars were separated by about 1.5 seconds.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    1) Get rid of turns one, two, three and four. The circuit should be flat out from the start line to the bridge.

    2) Clear out the shipping yard opposite the bridge and run the circuit through it a little, the idea being to make turn nine longer and smoother and faster.

    3) Reduce turns twelve, thirteen and fourteen to a single corner instead of three.

    4) Connect the exit of this corner up to turn twenty-four so that the cars take the final sector in the opposite direction to what they do now.

    5) Connect what is currently turn fourteen to turn twenty-five to make a figure-eight design. This would require a flyover to be constructed especially.

    The end result is this: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=4608557

    It’s only an approximation, particularly in the final sector, but you get the idea of what I’m aiming for.



    @Prisoner Monkeys You almost look like an engineer speaking. You should send your ideias to the race promoters.



    There’s one simple solution – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsTRxXvQY0s


    Prisoner Monkeys

    And you’ll no doubt kill millions of people in the process by doing that.

    But hey, you got rid of Valencia. That’s all that really matters.



    Too much fallout. F1A would never approve.



    I agree with TommyB.

    Nuke it from orbit, its the only way to be sure.



    When they said “Make cars green,” they didn’t extend that to everything else within the fallout radius.

    Simple solution for making the Valencia GP better…move it to the permanent Valencia track. Would that break the contract?



    Lol DavidS

    I don’t see the flyover working. But a lot of these proposals that cut out the chicanes and the number of corners look very familiar… http://bit.ly/mdZyCa

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