HP, Autonomy and LRGP/MGP

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    I have a slightly weird question. With HP (who I believe is still a partner/sponsor of Lotus Renault GP the Heidfeld/Petrov operation) acquiring Autonomy (who is a partner/sponsor of Mercedes GP) what will happen there? Does anyone know? How will the partnership deals go out? Also, I believe HP is a technical partner rather than an advertising sponsor nowadays and LRGP doesn’t really carry their decals on the livery anymore. Or do they?



    Interesting question. I should imagine that because the deal was not foreseen by either Renault or Mercedes that the sponsorship will continue for the rest of the season. Next year it’ll probably change. It really depends what is said in the contract!



    Well firstly, HP left Renault after 2010, I believe, at least they aren’t on the cars any more.

    A similar situation occurred when Telefonica purchased O2 in 2006. O2 were sponsoring BMW and Telefonica were sponsoring Renault. The O2 logos subsequently dropped off the BMW for 2007.

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