HRT Beating Virgin?

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    This weekend, so far (Friday).. HRT have been faster than Virgin. I would imagine this is a bit embarrassing for Virgin, seeing that HRT’s season has been far from smooth.

    So what is it? My first thoughts are the HRT are running DRS and Virgin isnt. Can anyone help out with that?

    I know HRT are running DRS, but I could order and have delivered, a take away from my local curry faster than that thing can move, it’s impossibly slow and clumsy compared to the lightening fast top runners implementation.

    However, what are Virgin doing? Do they have DRS? If so, why are they so slow?

    Sure the usual comes in to play, fuel loads, tyre wear / balance, DRS usage etc, factors that we can’t possibly know.. but surely, Virgin should show better than HRT on a friday practice?

    Your thoughts?



    I would add, that looking at the stats from Keith, Virgin seem to be running longer stints than HRT which might explain it.

    Do Virgin have DRS though? If not.. they could be in trouble with HRT this weekend :)

    ( of course, finishing the race key to winning that battle )



    MVR have reported on their website (http://www.virginracing.com/news/332/) that Timo had a problem with the rear of his car for the majority of FP1 hence why he only did 11 laps.

    Jerome did long runs and tyre degradation tests in FP2 whereas Timo could only do 3 laps due to an engine problem.

    So a difficult start to the weekend, but I’m sure they’ll beat HRT in qualifying :-)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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