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    Any idea when they will have their car available for testing?
    Maybe we should have a sweepstake as to whether it will make any testing before Melbourne? ;)



    Your not funny……it is a serious issue if they are not ready, ie they will be banned a heck of a lot of money wasted.



    I initially thought the title meant “HRT testing” and I thought: wow!
    Maybe they can make it to the final pre-season test.


    Prisoner Monkeys


    it is a serious issue if they are not ready, ie they will be banned a heck of a lot of money wasted.

    Um, what? If HRT are not ready for the first test, they will not be banned from competing. All the car has to do is pass the FIA crash tests, and they will be allowed to take part.



    I have my doubts on whether they will be ready for the second test but I think lessons have been learnt from last year and maybe in time for the final test so they can actually practice in Australia not just shack down the car.



    In this kind of situation as they’re in right now ( the ownership ,staff,location changes) can be dangerous for their developement. Mostly these kind of things take alot of time to happen,and if they want them to happen perfectly ,then unfortunetley it will take the precious time from them. And the lack of time,hurts the new car’s developement process. Even if they do manage to get the parts and the car partly ready for the test,it would be some mad and tense situation for the team,for example we can look at the situation this year in Melbourne. The whole team was taking parts and pieces of the car in plane ,because otherwise,they couldn’t send them fast enough.
    Ofcourse I wish them luck ,but let’s stay real,and in this case,they will be lucky if they can fire the thing up in Australia.
    Oh,and a Question- Did anyone else have suspicion about their this years challenger? Personaly I saw a lot of similaritys with the car of the 2010 season. It had shorter rear wheelbase (like last year) ,simmilar body work at the lower rear end,side pods air trap and several other things. The only things has changed is front and rear wings and the paint of the car.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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