Hulkenberg,Liuzzi or Di Resta for Force india drive.

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    Personally i would love to see Hulkenberg come drive for the Force India team he is a much better driver than Liuzzi and we havent seen enough of Paul Di Resta for me to make a decision on him.

    Lets here your thoughts on this again i want Hulkenberg.

    If you havent seen the headline please read the round up.



    There is also a BBC sport article about this please read that also to find out more info.



    Red Andy

    Liuzzi has a contract for 2011, however as we know these things are always negotiable. I think Force India would be daft not to go for Hulkenberg, though money (as ever) may play a role. If they’re happy with becoming a Mercedes training ground we could plausibly see both Hulkenberg and di Resta at Force India in 2011.

    You haven’t mentioned the Sutil factor of course. He might retain his drive or he might be dropped. Personally I’d go for the latter, but again, money talks.



    Di Resta and Hulkenberg is my preference. Di Resta is massively underrated, this is the guy who beat the current world champion not so long ago remember!



    Well its a matter of Di Resta vs Sutil in that respect i havent mentioned the Chandhok rumour because Mallya would be mad to go for Chandhok in my opinion.

    Also just to expand the story who would be the likely test driver?



    With all respect I have for Sutil and Hulkenberg, I was not impressed with them this year. I don’t even want to mention Liuzzi, I hope to see him out ASAP!

    Di Resta is still young, but is promising, I’d go for him and Sutil, with a possibility of Hulk neing the third driver, and Chandhok (who impressed me more than Hulk in those 10 races he drove) should be tester…



    Liuzzi will probably get the race seat, I can’t see Hulkenberg at Force India. If not Liuzzi, then di Resta, he has done a decent job on Friday practices this year.



    If it was an ideal world I’d stick both in the car and drop the other two. The problem is Liuzzi has a contract (although that probably won’t save his career which is a shame as I wish contracts meant a little more) and Sutil has the continuity factor.

    At the least they should have Hulk in the car next year and stick Paul in for 2012 too but that’s just my opinion. Their potential is better than what they’ve got now I feel.



    I agree Steph, Hulk for ’11 and if he performs better than Sutil dropping sutil for Di Resta in ’12 would be a good option. Chandhok as test/reserve driver would make lots of sense if Di Resta gets a seat. They could run him in FP1 at the inaugural Indian GP, which would be great to see. If Di Resta doesn’t get a race seat I wonder what the chances are of him being test/reserve driver at Mercedes, since he’s their golden boy and Heidfeld’s gone now. It’ll be interesting to see who Mallya picks. Hopefully we hear something before Christmas.



    Hulk and DiResta for next year. Sutil and Liuzzi are men going nowhere. Force India are better off taking a couple of chances, both drivers have had time in F1 cars, and both have room for improvement. The incumbants have both plateau’d.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I think Force India could do a lot worse than dropping Sutil and Liuzzi for 2011. Sutil has been with the team for three or four years now, yet his performance in Korea still shows that he has gone nowhere. Liuzzi, on the other hand, probably shouldn’t have been drafted in the first place. A Hulkenberg-di Resta lineup might be inexperienced, but it would also be a fresh and new and might just give Force India what they need lest the become stagnant and bloated.


    Dan Thorn

    I’d love to see Hulkenberg-Di Resta, with Karun driving in FP1 and doing a one off race at the inaugaral Indian GP. Liuzzi, no matter how worthy his excuses has had his chance and Sutil is too inconsistant. Force India had enough problems this year with major tech guys leaving and some fresh meat in the seat could be what springs them back to life.



    Ive been thinking about this for a good amount of time now and i think the line up should be.



    Test Driver

    Di Resta

    If Sutil does not perform in 2011 drop him for Di Resta



    Go Liuzzi! As far as I know, Liuzzi has a contract and Sutil doesn’t, but I may be wrong.



    @fixy Steph is correct contracts don’t mean as much as you think he could still get booted out.



    I know, that’s why I’m not completely happy for Tonio. But what I meant was that Sutil hasn’t still signed a contract despite people saying that he’s better than Liuzzi. And Liuzzi is at his first season with FI, Sutil at his 4th.

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