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    Ned Flanders

    Everyone likes to revel in their excellency when they make a good call here on F1 Fanatic. I’m no exception. I mean, if I had’ve predicted Nico Hulkenberg for Pole on Saturday I’d probably still be bragging about it come Bahrain next March!

    Of course, when we get something completely wrong, as we all occasionally do, we usually keep quiet about it and hope no one remembers. Just like on Sunday when I made the bold pre race statement that Hulkenberg was in with half a shout of a win… So, if anyone has ever made any disasterous Formula 1 predictions and they wish to repent, this is the place to do it!

    I have to hold my hands up and say I was completely wrong when I predicted Felipe Massa would have the edge over Alonso this season. I also insisted Jenson Button would never win a race for McLaren… which no doubt spurred him on to win 2 of the first 4!



    I don’t remember anything from past months but last week I was sure Massa would be up there with Alonso, if not faster than him during the entire weekend…

    This is such a good subject. I wonder how does Keith feel when he looks back at the fact that he predicted Schumacher would win 6 races this year… =P



    At the start of the year I picked Alonso for the title, at midpoint of this season I was eating humble pie… Now not so much :/

    I also thought Webber might take another win or two, but I certainly wasn’t expecting him to be in serious contention for the WDC.



    It wasn’t really a humble pie moment, but my worst calls probably came last season when I was absolutely convinced that Trulli would win the Bahrain GP for Toyota. Why wouldn’t they? They managed to lock out the front row quite convincingly and had shown good pace throughout the weekend? As it turns out they made a complete and spectacular hash of it…

    After that I was convinced that Toyota would finally win a race in Belgium 2009, even going so far as to predict Trulli as my winner on the Superbru F1 prediction game. I was so convinced that they couldn’t possibly mess it up again, and then guess what, he did.

    I should have known better…both times! At least I won the prediction game though…



    I didn’t expect Button to win a race this year, so I guess I had a slice or two of the pie. I also thought that Mark Webber wouldn’t be a serious challenge to the likes of Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton this year. That made me pretty much finish the entire humble pie.



    Massa is also my humble pie, thought he would do much better and win 2-3 races, as is Alonso for making a comeback, I thought he was washed up after Monaco and Silverstone.



    Icthyes, I don’t think you have to be too humble there.

    If Massa had won Germany I wouldn’t have been surprised to see him take another win or two after that, but that Germany thing killed him…



    I must confess and apologise to all other Ferrari fans that Alonso’s run of bad luck and errors in the early part of the year was entirely the fault of me and my freind Leslie for putting the mother of all jynxes on him.

    Jynx #1: before the race started I was curious as to why Alonso qualisfied behind Massa, one of my friends said that Alonso had made a mistake on his final lap and I go “that’s impossible, Alonso never makes mistakes”

    Jynx #2: After the race Leslie proclaims “I think Alonso will win every race this year”

    Clearly these two comments are the only rational explaination Alonso’s bad run of races, but after we remembered those comments and acknowleded the error of our ways in the week before Germany everything suddenly changed.

    But besides from nearly ruining Alonso’s season I was also guilty of thinking Hulkenberg was going to be in with a shout for a win in Brazil, and certain for a podium. Boy was I wrong.

    The worst time I’ve been wrong would probably be when I put 10 on Alonso to win the 2009 WDC after qualifying in China. I figured that the Brawns and Red Bull’s speed wouldn’t last and the established teams would make a fight back and Alonso would nick it at the last race. Didn’t quite work out.

    I also indulged in a large amount of Kubica bashing at the end of last year which I completely take back, he’s arguably been the best driver this season.


    Keith Collantine

    I tipped Schumacher to win the championship:

    The 2010 F1 season in 20 questions

    I’m thinking of opening a laundry…



    Damn .. Keith pretty much just ate the entire factory that produces humble pie.



    I’m glad I was at least in the right ball park with my guess of the amount of points the WDC would have. And I have been reminded of the Humble pie I need to consume in respect of Jaime, he’s been solid this season and has justified his place in F1 in my mind.

    Any chance you will be revisiting that 20 questions article once the dust has settled on the season Keith?


    Red Andy

    I tipped Hamilton to finish the season 40+ points ahead of Button. That can no longer happen.

    But I’ll skip the humble pie thanks, pass the sour grapes instead.



    I tend to stay away from predictions. Theoretically I guess I could predict things, I know enough about the sport. But the sport by nature can be very unpredictable!


    Fer no.65

    I said Brawn (Mercedes) would be serious title contenders, as their car was solid last year, there was no reason to think this year’s would be a dog.


    Ned Flanders

    In that ’20 Questions’ article that Keith just posted a link to I predicted that the championship winning driver would score 264 points. If Fernando Alonso finishes 2nd on Sunday and thus wins the championship, I will be exactly right. Almost makes me want him to be champion!…

    (oops, I shouldn’t be so self congratulatory on this thread. I will counter that by saying I expected Hamilton to have most Pole’s this season… didn’t quite happen eh!)

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