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    I’d drag Hakkinen out of retirement and have him drive alongside Kimi… Talk about the quietest F1 team in the paddock, FOM would have to broadcast crickets in the background of radio communications to show the public that they aren’t holding back on radio transcripts for the team.

    But in all seriousness, I think the balance of young and experienced is too hard to go past, its been a success over many decades, as the new kid on the block pushes and motivates the experienced old hand, sometimes the younger gains advantage over the older, other times its the wise head on old shoulders that triumphs. So in that vein, I’d look for a pairing like:


    Alonso has been around the blocks long enough and is worthy of his WDC’s on talent alone, but he’s matured over the years to be one of the most solid performers on the grid. He isn’t at retirement age yet, so you can get a couple of good seasons out of him still.

    Bottas is an emerging talent, still a gamble, prone to mistakes, like Melbourne 2014 when he slid into the wall and punctured his tyre, but he has pace and with years and maybe a mentor like Alonso could be a future world champion.


    henry drewery

    the ideal team would probably be hulkenburg and hamilton



    as a fan of Kimi, I’d like to pair…

    Alonso and Kvyat
    Alonso has proven that he’s consistently being there, while Kvyat now showing very vast amount of potential on that STR, faster than his team mate.

    I agree that from the outside Kimi is quite difficult to handle, and not that adaptive as Alonso in new car/team/circumstances. Moreover, it’s quite hard to reach his sweet spot/ideal setup.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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