If Massa got the boot, who should replace him at ferrari?

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    Much discussion of the last few days has focused on whether Massa really deserves his place at ferrari, based on recent performances, or whether a younger driver should get a shot. Im asking, if Massa were to be ‘resigned’ from his role which driver should replace him? I thought maybe Kobayashi or Sutil as they are reasonably experienced but not yet had chance to prove themselves in a championship contending team. Your thoughts?






    Mid season, they’d buy out Barichello. They need an obedient lapdog for Alonso.



    Nope not Kubica, he won’t be the driver he used to be after he returns.

    I would say Perez, perfect partner for Alonso and will probably challenge him on a few occasions.



    I think Ferrari push Bianchi more than Perez but I don’t think either of them will be at Ferrari in 2012. If Massa proves bad and Bianchi proves good maybe Ferrari could make him debut as second Ferrari seat in 2012, but I can’t recall Ferrari signing a debutant.



    Perez is too much of a rookie. He could get the seat but rookies these days need a while until they can really be consistent as they get so few mileage.

    If Kubica returns back to form it could be a while for him because of the testing ban. He’s going to need time to get up to speed and Ferrari might not want to gamble on him.

    Webber’s a possibility but given his criticism of RBR last year he may not like the idea of Ferrari but then again he also likes it when he’s the underdog and there seems to be a fair amount of respect between Webber and Alonso.



    I don’t think Ferrari would want Webber at all. I don’t know why but he’s not what Ferrari are looking for. He’s too old. Ferrari are looking for young but experienced drivers.



    Button would be good, slower than Alonso but fast enough to help win the coostructor’s but he is settled and already playing that rule at Mclaren. And also hates team orders… though he didn’t complain in Spain 2009. ;)

    Keep Massa til the end of the year, and if he still isn’t performing swap him for a Force India driver – whichever has done better by the end of the year, and it’s at this point I realise that with Mclaren providing FI with tech support – that Di Resta’s path to Mclaren has been paved – Di Resta to replace Button more likely than him to replace Massa.

    This is complicated. :S

    Just go with Luizi…



    Why FI? They have a partnership with Mercedes. I think Sauber is more probable.

    And it’s Liuzzi



    Kubica would be a good replacement but realistically I’d say that Sutil would be a suitable replacement. He’s shown some good speed and with a quick car underneath him he could cause Nando a few more problems than what Massa is doing at the moment.


    Master firelee

    Nope I reckon rosberg is the only possability realy if they did get rid of massa, becuase I believe that webber and button want to end their careers at the teams they’re on at the moment.

    or petrov ;)



    I would say Kubica is the most obvious contender, at the moment. Depends how he gets on with this hand however.

    I think Massa will step it up though.



    Not Kubica. Too much of a gamble.

    I can see Webber but only as a stop-gap, to see if Kubica’s been permanently damaged or to wait for Kobayashi/Perez to mature.

    Rosberg as an outside chance, if Mercedes don’t get their act together.

    Anyone else, I really can’t see it happening.



    The most important thing to consider is Alonso, he’s undisputed no.1 at the mo. Although Ferrari have shown they’ll back whoever looks like winning the championship, the driver in question has to be on Ferrari’s side a known quantity in the Barrichello mould, and on the drivers side either desperate or obnoxiously self confident/mega gifted.

    Kubica, weal he’s better than Massa, an I don’t know that he’ll suffer like Massa who always was a confidence driver, but he may well not be the same when he returns. But Ferrari can’t take two top dogs, the modern incarnation just isn’t set up to take it.

    Webber, old, grouchy, rebellious, possibly lost it.

    Sutil. I can’t help but feel that the moment has passed, he should of mooved up last year, his career has stalled somewhat.

    Di Resta. Probably too young, we’ll have to see how he does, Brits don’t tend to be in the thrall of Ferrari like the others, you get the feeling he wants to be no 1.

    Rosberg, wants to be top dog, probably doesn’t back himself to take Alonso.

    Personally, I think all paths lead to Timo Glock, he must be miserable at Virgin, he’s completely wasted at Virgin, he could well be better than Massa, he’s young and experianced.

    Don’t think anyone else is available or has the class.



    kamui kobayashi

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