If Qualifying Was Abolished …

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    … what would you replace it with?

    Let’s say qualifying is abolished and everyone lines up on the grid in reverse current-standing-in-the-championship order.

    What would you replace Saturday qualifying with?

    I think I’d go for a two-race weekend, once clockwise and once anti-clockwise round the circuit.

    This thread is only meant as a bit of fun – not a debate about the pros and cons of qualifying, or whether reverse grids are a good idea or not.



    I’ve often thought that starting the races Le-Mans style (ie: you have to run to your car and start it up by yourself) would be interesting, with the racers running from the back of the grid to negate the advantage from starting at the front. Fantastic!



    I would have a reverse-championship sprint on Saturday, finishing order determines the grid on Sunday.



    If wheels were abolished…what would we replace them with?



    A full wet race..

    although I abhor Bernie’s idea



    VettelS…we could electrify the circuit and have downforce dodgems :D

    Hmm interesting thread. Whoever can kick Bernie Ecclestone the furthest starts on pole. Spend a Saturday doing that.




    I think I’d go for a two-race weekend, once clockwise and once anti-clockwise round the circuit.

    Having a circuit that can de driven clockwise and anti-clockwise would need different kerbs’ layout, different run-offs, pits, signals… impossibile I say.


    Ned Flanders

    Damn, Chippie beat me to the Le Mans idea! So here are some alternatives:

    -Put all of the cars in a giant lottery machine and let each one fall out onto the track at random every few seconds.

    -A game of mass charades. Bernie Ecclestone does the actions, and whenever a driver gets one right he’s allowed to start

    -Let drivers choose their own grid position, on condition that things are evened up in other ways. For example, the pole sitter is only allowed 3 wheels, while the cars starting from the back are equipped with flamethrowers

    – Do away with grid markings and simply squeeze all 24 cars side by side onto the start line together, like runners in a 1500m race.



    Drivers are required to preform a triathlon on their way to their cars.



    Personally I’d go a bit further Chippie and say the drivers should have to run a full lap first with Bernie’s sprinklers spraying them or just infy’s idea :)



    Haha! Loving your 3rd suggestion Greg ;)



    A great selection of alternative ways of choosing the grid line up. But, I was really after suggestions for filling the time slot occupied by quali.

    Fun though a Le Mans start would be (or charades for that matter), Saturdays would be rather boring with no on track action.


    Stephen Jones

    motocross style start.. with holeshot

    saturday can be a go-kart race.. winner gets 10 points


    Ned Flanders

    Ah, ok. Well the solution to that is obvious: a mini golf competition in the pitlane! Whoever finishes last has to do a forfeit chosen by the winner

    Or, perhaps di Montezemelo could finally get his wish (sort of)… each team could bring a third car, and Saturday afternoon could be given over to a third drivers race. The rules might stipulate that only drivers with less than a season’s worth of experience may enter, so the young guns could get some race experience without taking part in a proper GP. There’s only be 12 cars obviously, so perhaps make it a 30% distance race.

    OK, that was way too serious. How about a mass brawl between drivers? A hot dog eating competition? A keepy-uppy challenge?…



    Isn’t it obvious, we should be booking a wrestling show with the F1 drivers on Saturday. Helps blowing off some steam and some 30 minutes in a steel cage should resolve any issues Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher still have with each other.

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