If the bahrain race is cancelled

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    Master firelee

    what country and track do u think should get it in such a short time would you want it to be replaced by if it was ?

    mine would be magny cours-france or A1 ring-austria



    I don’t think they would replace the track, they would either cancel it, or move it to another date. They won’t introduce an old track like Magny Cours or A1 ring



    i think it’s quite impossible to select an alternative venue for the first GP with such a short notice. Maybe I’m wrong, but A1-Ring hasn’t even got the FIA certifications to hold a F1 race.

    It’s more likely that season will start in Australia, if Bahrain is cancelled.



    Agree with smifaye. It would be far more economical to just post-pone it or replace it with another track later in the year once they have had time to react sensibly.



    I bet there is some headscratching going on to find an alternative testing venue though. That’s just as important as the race itself a week later.



    Testing isn’t as much of a problem, as they can go to Algarve, or back to one of the Spanish venues again – maybe Aragon even?

    I would like it if they could get to Magny-Cours. It’s very unlikely, but Todt does want a French GP back, so maybe he could pull some strings behind the scenes.

    It seems Abu Dhabi is happy to take over either the test or the race, or both. If I were the FIA I would probably err on the side of caution and avoid the Middle East at the moment, after all it’s not completely impossible that protests won’t spread to the UAE within a month.

    I think start the season in Melbourne, and give Bahrain a provisional date after Shanghai. If they can’t make that deadline, cancel the race for 2011.





    Dan Thorn

    I dont think the race will be replaced. It’ll be postponed to a later date in the year or just cancelled altogether.

    If it is replaced then Abu Dhabi seems to most likely. There are plenty of European tracks that could theoretically stage a GP but that’s unlikely.

    Won’t stop me dreaming about a season opener at Imola though!



    I don’t mean to hijack this thread, but my friend in bahrain linked me to this picture:




    description: close-up of dead arab man’s head which is missing a large chunk of his forehead/brain. His skull was bashed by police when they violently cleared the town square.


    The situation over there IS DANGEROUS. I have never heard him more angry. The protests will get longer, bloodier and more violent until the family is out of Bahrain. He said he has seen nothing like this in his life. If anyone here wants me to ask him questions I will do so.

    That photo alone as sparked a lot more protest, hundreds are in hospital with serious injuries. Hospitals are at capacity. Riot police are attacking doctors that are helping protestors. Police are refusing ambulances access to critically wounded protesters: http://revolutionarypolitics.tv/video/viewVideo.php?video_id=13977

    Sorry I don’t see an F1 race happening in Bahrain.

    I don’t think business will commence for a while in the kingdom.

    The military is tightening it’s grip, and banned all protests.

    American journalist has been attacked: http://abcnews.go.com/International/bahrain-protests-abc-news-correspondent-miguel-marquez-beaten/story?id=12936124

    It is getting worse and worse. Long live the people.

    My friends twitter: http://twitter.com/FroozyO/status/38035534517501952

    More twitter from citizens of Bahrain:


    6 more people killed as police storm protesters at a roundabout: http://english.aljazeera.net/news/middleeast/2011/02/201121714223324820.html



    I think that the race will be cancelled next week and will not be replaced. There just is no time in the calender to do that. Freight is already on the way to the gulf, so only Abu Dhabi (or Dubai) would come into question anyway.



    I reckon the race will be postponed or moved to another track. Qatar is also an option that’s not too far away from Bahrain. Wouldnt mind seeing abu dhabi in a different layout. Corkscrew maybe?



    I’d rather see the opener in Australia, truth be told. I’m willing to wait a little bit longer for a proper first race.


    Ned Flanders

    Normally Karan I wouldn’t agree with posting an image like that… but if that’s what it takes for some people to wake up* and see sense then so be it

    *Quite literally, since it’s nightime in Australia now



    I don’t think they’ll replace it. The calendar is pretty full as it is, and I’m sure not many people will miss the Bahrain GP.

    I don’t think Abu Dhabi would be willing to host the opener, too. They paid a lot of money to have the final race of the season and would want to keep it (and I’m sure Bernie wouldn’t tolerate two races at the same circuit in a season, so it’s one or the other).

    Jerez and Algarve could probably swing it at short notice, as they have the track operating. Tracks in continental Europe (with the exception of Spain) and the US are way too cold to host a GP.



    The events out there are moving very fast and I fear even bigger trouble ahead. Bahrain has no oil and is relies on financial sevices for it’s income. What have they done? Switched off the internet, thats what! To stop virtually the whole of their income stream in a moment does not bode well for the future of the island.

    They clearly have bigger things to worry about than a motor race, so I fear it will be inevitable that the race is cancelled and not replaced. My biggest worry is the staff that teams send out there for pre-season testing. The FIA must react and be seen to do so very quickly. I cannot remember that last time a race was cancelled in fear of life and limb in these sort of circumstances.

    It is now too late to find another venue for the race, but the practice could be moved. One just wonders how far this unrest is going to go. It seems to had spread along the North African coast and penetrated into the middle east Arab states, who knows where it will end?

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