I’m a real F1 Fanatic because…

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    Hi friends, I just try to start a “rolling” forum, well, more like a list. I mention why I consider myself a real F1 fanatic and then another person continues. if you want, mention a @friend so he /she sees this post, answers and then mentions another of us… let’s see if you like it.

    I’m a real F1 fan because, even when I always say I don’t like it, i never miss the Monaco GP
    let’s continue with…



    I’m a real F1 Fanatic because…

    …well, that’s somewhat debatable considering lately i’ve been DVR-ing the races and watching them later. But every now and again I will still get up at stupid-o’clock to watch a race. That, and every time I see a commercial or read a bit of news about F1 from mainstream outlets I get a little giddy, hoping that F1 will finally breakthrough here in the US.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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