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    I’m rubbish with Photoshop, but I simply had to try fixing the nose of the Ferrari after I saw it. The rest of the car is stunning, but the nose really lets it down.

    In this thread, anyone with an image editing program (Paint will do) can modify and make amends to the 2012 cars as they’re released. No-one seems to be happy with the stepped noses, so let’s just imagine they all took the same approach as McLaren…

    But don’t stop at noses; I’d love to see what people come up with! Simply changing a sponsor or completely changing the livery would be fun. And I’ve always wanted to see what a current F1 car would look like with pre-2009 dimensioned wings.

    I’ll start (it’s terrible, I know):

    I’d really like to see if @jezson could use the studio shots of the MP4-27 and make it black like he did with the 2011 car. ;)


    Prisoner Monkeys




    I’m sorry but I just can’t edit images (as you should already know Damon) but I’d like a bit of an incline to the Ferrari nose still just not as massive as it is now or for it to be curvier. Greta idea for a thread and I can’t wait to see what people with more talent than me can come up with!



    @jason Nice. although I like F10 more.




    Was going to post the 2008 McLaren but I actually like the 2012 version.



    I agree that if the F2012 got a nose job, it would be beautiful.



    In one sense I am delighted that Mclaren have kept the beauty of an F1 car wheras the likes of Ferrari have thrown it away, However I am terrified that Mclaren simply won’t make the pace of the others, considering all other teams so far seem to beleive that stepped noses are the right option! So I ask the question…What have Mclaren found that (especially Ferrari) have not?
    Please I pray that Red bull have a nice front nose and not the ugly stepped platapus!



    @th13teen thats exactly what I’ve been thinking, although I’m reserving judgement until I’ve seen what Red Bull do, the fact that Mclaren have chosen to lower the whole chassis says to me that they’ve cottoned onto something others have missed.



    Ferrari_2012_c'mon man!

    Who is designing for Ferrari these days?? Im no aerodynamicist, but this is what we all know it should look like.



    Aerodynamics should have priority over aesthetics. That’s how I’d want it to be if I were team principal, anyway. Though I agree that the new Ferrari is a great-looking car ruined by the nose.



    would be cool to see with gold or black rims, mclaren looks much better with black rims


    Fer no.65

    @kosmic I was thinking the same… something like a 1996 Ferrari revival!



    @damonsmedley yours is the best so far! :)
    All it needs is for someone to run a curved line from the top of the stepped nose, down to the start of the nose. Then we will get an idea of what it looks like vs this stupid step they have come up with. I mean surely to have a gradual curve would make more sense aero wise? Or is is that the curve creates lift? And therefore would be no good.
    Black rims would also be good to see if someone can manage that? :)



    Scrap them and start over

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