Indianapolis 500 Championship points


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    Greetings! I would like to know if there is something official-like info about the points Indy500 places scored into the Formula One Championship between 1950-1960. According to a source that I trust (Grand Prix Guide 1950-2013 by Jacques Deschenaux), no points have been scored for the fastest lap, and only the driver scored the full points for shared drive that started the race in that car. However, I didn’t find any info about these kind of restrictions.

    (As for the 1950 Indy500, Johnnie Parsons won and set the fastest lap of the race, therefore 8+1 points should be scored by him, however many sources states that it was 8 points. Joie Chitwood and Tony Bettenhausen finished fifth sharing drive, therefore 1 – 1 points should be scored by both of them, however many sources state that Chitwood scored 2 points, Bettenhausen 0.)

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