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    Craig Woollard

    As a student with finals fast approaching (my first one is 2pm tomorrow), there’s a constant struggle to be motivated and there’s constant anxiety over whether it is possible to achieve the grade I want. To keep myself from giving up, I look at some of the things drivers say or do and think “well if they can do that, I can pass my silly degree.” One of the things that springs to mind that helps me keep going is “If you’re not winning, you’re not trying hard enough”. So I ask you, people of F1 Fanatic, what quotes/stories inspire you to do well yourself? And are there any which you think might be helpful to me in doing the best that I can do?



    I’ve always found stories about fairness and modesty very insparational – not as much for passing exams, but more on a personal level. For instance you have the final race of 1956, the Italian Grand Prix: Peter Collins would have won the championship that year if he had won the race with team-mate Fangio retiring. Fangio was in the pitlane after his car had broken down, when Collins came in for his pit stop. Collins could have won the race, but instead he handed over his car to Fangio, so that the Maestro would win his fourth World Championship.

    The 1958 Portuguese Grand Prix: Mike Hawthorn was on the verge of being disqualified, when his championship rival Stirling Moss went to see the stewards and convinced them Hawthorn didn’t do anything wrong. It cost Moss the championship that year, but well, at least he could look at himself in the mirror that night.

    Good luck with your finals, Craig :)


    Craig Woollard

    They are both great stories of gentlemanly acts by two drivers who never won the title, but in a way, chose not to. Thank you @andae23 !



    Its on an F1 story but here it is:

    Pedro Rodriguez was just crowned champion of the interseries sportr car championship. He was invited to drive during a non-championship race in Norisring. Legend has it that Saturday before the race the weather was brutal and the pilots were saying how dangerous it would be to drive in such a weather. At that point Pedro replied: “More dangerous means more fun” He died the next day during the race. #legend :D

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