Is F1 doomed to boredom?

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    Just watched (well, tried to.. ) the Indian race
    What a snooze…
    Maybe 5 minutes worth of action over the whole weekend.
    Kind of the same story in Korea
    How could such a promising season have turned so quickly ???
    What will it take for this to change ???

    Other group sports seem to have found a good formula (ha! pun intended!).
    Americans use the draft to explicitly props up the weaker teams.
    The European football thingy seems to work very well

    Just listen to F1 Sky commentary… you can hear the boredom oozing out..
    The majority of cars and teams are resigned to their relative ranking
    Qualifying ensures that the cars are mostly lined up with no need to overtake
    The cash prizes ensure the top teams can dominate
    Most of the circuits are too safe and too boring with enough run off areas that your grandma can cruise around
    New circuits are going to locales which cant even fill up the seats on the single annual event that they host (Singapore is nice though ;))

    And to top it all off, we are forced to endured a punitive super-premium-pay-tv coverage

    Is it just me ??!!

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