Is massa right, is Hamilton too dangerous?

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    I got into F1 in the 2007 season because of Hamilton, his driving style finally brought some much needed excitement into the sport, and ever since I have been a big fan of F1 and Hamilton, I never miss a session, but sadly I have to agree with massa here, F1 is far too dangerous, you just have to look at how many injuries there has been in the last few years because of careless driving from the likes of hamilton, I can only go as far back as 2007, which is more than enough anyway, but we have had the serious injury to massa in 2009, oh wait no, that was because of a part falling off a brawn car and bouncing up off massas helmet. Ok, so you have kubicas crash then, hes been out all season and has had to have serious surgery, oh wait, that wasnt through F1, that was rallying wasnt it. Ok then, look at kubicas crash in 2007, that was a horrible one! but wait, no, that wasnt through dangerous driving was it, plus he was only out for one race just to be on the safe side, he wanted to race. fine then, what about webbers injury in 2008 when he broke his leg! oh god iv done it again havnt I, that was a cycling injury wasnt it! Well even so, I still agree with massa, its just too dangerous, which is why I have came up with some great ideas for formula 1 which I hope the fia will have a serious look into. first of all, for qualifying, all the cars going out together is ridiculous, very dangerous, so let them go out 1 by 1, it might take a long time, but come on, safety first guys. Next on race day, we need to stop overtaking, its far too dangerous, instead they should all drive round in single file atleast 3 seconds behind the car in front, and if anyone gets any closer than that, lets give them a penalty at the end of the race, 25 seconds for everyone except hamilton, who should have 50 seconds because he is extra dangerous and we need to stop him from being exciting before too many people start watching formula 1, which is why I totally agree with the stewards giving hamilton all these penalties when they wouldnt normally give them to anyone else. but this just isnt far enough, it still needs to be safer, which is why they should remove the tires, have a railway track on the track, and have the cars drive round on the railway on there wheel rims, how safe is that!!! that will get rid of loads of crashes! and finally, why no rap all the cars and drivers in bubble wrap, this way even if something goes wrong, they wont even break a nail! Now personally I think these ideas are just genius, and I hope the FIA look into it and bring them into force, please, let me know what you think?

    Next I would like to get in touch with other sports, like football, its far too dangerous, they need to stop all tackles, and instead just allow each team to take turns on going up field and shooting. Next golf, the balls need to stop coming off the ground, it will cause serious injury if it hits someone, all shots should be played along the floor and if it comes off the floor at all, they should be disqualified. Then theres darts, please people, how dangerous is that, all it takes is someone to hit the wire, the dart to bounce back and stab someone, ridiculously dangerous, use magnets instead! And then there is rugby, dont even get me started on that sport, ban it altogether!!! Seriously people, Im all for excitement in life, but SAFETY FIRST


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Yes. Hamilton has demonstrated a complete lack of respect for other drivers at times.



    No.. because every move he has done has been in slow speed corners unlike Schumacher for example.

    Come on guys have some logic to what you say..

    Alonsos move on Vettel in Monza was dangerous and nobody has talked about that



    I think Hamilton running into the back of Massa was simply a mistake. F1 is a sport of fractions and as humans we all make mistakes especially when it is fractions at stake. I applaud Hamilton’s restraint when Massa in-appropriately tapped him on the shoulder to be sarcastic in front of the cameras. I am not taking sides here, i think simply put it was a race incident. But I agree with Hamiltons dad, all drivers needs to be represented at the paddock to make sure matters like this are dealt with properly. Can make sport boring I suppose? But F1 is very different to what it used to be many a year ago.



    I think the word clumsy fits Hamilton more, though if you’re making contact with other drivers, then you are being dangerous. Hamilton I think just needs to chill a bit.



    Agree, Hamilton needs to chill a bit. It’ rediculous calling it dangerous, it’s clumsy thats all. The guy brings excitement to the race, imagine a starting grid without him. Taking no sides, massa needs to worry about matching alonso’s pace and then maybe he won’t find himself fighting with a luckless Hamilton.

    It’s only a matter of time maybe in suzuka before he produces a sensational drive to victory and everyone shuts up and stop crticising him!!! Watch then, they won’t stop praising him.



    In Motor racing many things happen, and accidents are one of them. Lewis has had his fair share of them, thats not debated, but he’s not always the cause of them. This weekend it was a racing error and bit of bad luck. Would Massa be making these noises if it was any other driver who gave him a puncture? Probably not.

    Lewis chances an overtake more often then most drivers, and a result of this is that theres more chance that some of them won’t be a sucess and contact will be made.



    I agree S.J.M hamiltons driving style does reflect his carting experience. Definitely makes the sport more interesting for sure.



    The problem this weekend was that Massa took the inside line and run went much “forward” towards the exit kerb, he ran wider.. and Hamilton took the racing line to take the under-cut but Massa slowed down a fraction of a moment.



    Hamilton is not dangerous at all. The sport is richer because we have drivers with so many different styles. It wouldn’t be the same if all drove like Button or all like Hamilton. Hamilton is one of the most spectacular drivers ever, his mistakes are affecting not only his race, but others races too, but that doesn’t mean he is dangerous…just if you consider him a danger to your race position ( if you battle Hamilton you will lose your position: either he will pass you or he will crash into you :D).



    I think Hamilton just committed a mistake, but he needs to start thinking if that is the right place or the right moment to make the move. I understand him and I really love his driving style, but he needs to start ponderating things, however not to much, like he did in Monza, where I didn’t liked how he raced.

    And Massa needs to worry more about matching Alonso’s pace, or at least try to match, instead of throwing the blames constantly at the tyres, the car, the team (although he has a point on this one) or at other drivers. Since the accident he hasn’t been the same, although he doesn’t admits that, and I would like to see the pre-Hungary 2009 Massa back, always fighting to get into the podium.

    Becaus e that’s the type of driver Lewis is.



    Hamilton is not too dangerous.

    All the other drivers are just too safe.

    Massa expects other drivers to dosile and stay behind him.

    Hamilton goes for any gap he can, poor little Felipe didn’t see it coming.



    Ham’s fault for sure but Massa may could have cooled a bit more.

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