Is paint unsafe?

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    After re-watching the 2011 Hungarian GP, I saw that the paint on the side of the circuit is very slippery in a wet rack and it has caused lots of accidents.

    One that comes to mind is the accident that caused the death of Allan Simonsen. The Aston Martin driver put his two left wheels in the paint at Tetre Rouge which resulted in a very hard hit.

    There are lots of other examples, in both cars and motorcycles. Jorge Lorenzo put his bike in the white lines and had a high side, which broke his collarbone.

    The white lines are necessary, in opposition with the paint outside the circuit. We are in a period when speeds are getting lower because of safety, I believe that paint is a big danger. What do you think?



    @the_sigman – yes mate the white paint is unsafe in the wet, always has been, always will be unless they change their compound of paint (if they even can?)

    Nigel Mansell crashed out of the lead in Monaco in the Lotus in 1984 as he JUST brushed the rear tyre on the paint on the main “Straight”. I think it may have been his first victory if not going out.

    Webber lost the 2010 WDC the same in Korea …………(ok he put half the car off and kept power, my mistake (Webber fan:)

    It is worse of course for the Moto GP guys with their forward balance- very dangerous. They wont change it as he white line is the indicator of the end of the race track, so stay withinh it!! (HAHA- how many of the F1 boys were told in Silverstone “stay off the curbs!!” but none did!! LOL



    Depends if it’s in a tin or not.



    Well grass is slippery too, they still keep that at most circuits…



    I know when my neighbor painted their front porch & steps they put sand in the paint to give it some texture when wet to make it less slippery. Surely the same thing could be done for trackside paint (and probaly is in most instances).



    Now I saw it. Imagine how slippery the track can be at 0:28



    To my knowledge, all big paint companies have a range of textured, high grip paints. They are used to paint the leading edge of steps in places like hospitals or schools, and if you have ever walked on them when wet, they provide significant grip compared to regular paint. The problem is, at the speeds that racing cars and motorbikes travel at, small pieces of grit in the paint will make little to no difference to the grip, but will cost significantly more to paint everything with than normal paint. Maybe this is a problem that circuit owners can go to the big paint companies with? Try to work out a way to make the paint at least as grippy as the tarmac when it is wet.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I was thinking about this this morning, and I realised that racing cars are unsafe. Maybe we should think about banning them.



    PM- sure mate- ban them!!…………………… or stay off them :)

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