Is Prost overlooked?

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    Actually, Webber says Prost, and Button goes for both.



    Rampante I used to have a Murray Walker video with John Watson’s superb win from the back at long Beach, unfortunately the highlights didn’t show anything except the McLarens leading :(



    It’s hardly surprising that Prost is often overlooked. Where ‘most’ F1 fans will look the fastest times, the on edge out of control, the Prost that I watched growing up and become a fan of was the guy that seemingly drove well within the limits of the car. You had to look at the lap times to see whether Prost was on a fast lap! He seemed to be always in the control and it was very rare to see his car sitting on the side of the road.

    Being Aussie, Prost’s driving style reminds me a little of Black Jack – Sir Jack Brabham. Being easy on the gear and only driving quick enough to win the race. Blowing the doors off his opposition was not usually his style, but controlling the race from the front and ensure his opposition is in his mirrors.

    Thanks for the link Scribe, I find this quote very interesting and indicative of Alain Prost:

    “It should be noted that in addition to Prosts 4 titles, he finished runner up 4 times, and all by 7 or less points. As well, in finishing 5th in the 1981 season, he was only 7 points off the title so in effect, he came extremely close to being a 9 times world champion.”



    Prost was a driver, Senna was a racer

    spectators appreciate the former, but remember the later



    The article posted states amongst Prost best drives:

    South Africa 1982 (Renault)

    Prost leads initially but suffers a puncture and must drive slowly to the pits for a new tire. He resumes in last place, lapped by the leaders, yet manages through sheer brilliance to carve his way back to a dominant lead to win the race.

    Prost certainly lost a tyre and had to pit but I am not sure he was last after that. He certainly was hehind the leaders (Arnoux, Reutemann, Pironi) but last ? He was still seven laps ahead of the backmarkers at the end. Not to diminish his abilities but such a drive would really stand in history. But may be I am wrong.

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