Is Red Bull using KERS for traction?

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    Aish Heydrich

    Rumours in Korea last weekend spoke of a clever but legal engine mapping system aboard his Red Bull that mimics the benefits of banned traction control.
    IMHO, just another conspiracy theory to not give Vettel his due credits. Spanish propaganda given how they are so sentimental with their native talents.
    I also think Vettel is not a kind of guy who would resort to unfair means to gain advantages, he is a man of principles, in spite of the Malaysian incident. (Not his fault, he’s a racer, he’s not out there for philanthropic purposes)
    Just give the following link a read.



    I absolutely hate the term “conspiracy theory”! It was concocted after 9/11 to make anyone who could use their own eyes and common sense and dared to question what happened to make them sound like nutters.

    If you use your eyes, and common sense, it will tell you something is not quite right with Seb’s ridiculously huge leads after only just a few laps. I think in Singapore he had 16 seconds after 4 laps?? Just look at his starts now, he is so far ahead, something just logically does not seem right.




    “The Oxford English Dictionary records the first use of the phrase “conspiracy theory” to a 1909 article in The American Historical Review” so that’s 92 years before 9/11.

    Seb gets his ridiculously huge leads (which aren’t that ridiculous at all, in fact) because he gets the best out of a great car.


    Loup Garou

    I don’t think Red Bull or Vettel are using anything that is not permitted within the existing rules. After his dominant win in Singapore, it was only Senor Minardi who voiced his doubts but those who do not like Vettel took-it up with glee. Alonso pooh-poohed such ideas and said that the RB9’s noise always sounded like that and it was no different in Singapore. Not one of the trackside stewards, officials, media personnel or staff of rival teams noticed anything amiss at the time.

    Red Bull use the standard ECU supplied by McLaren to all teams. All cars are subject to parc ferme checks before and after the race. Therefore, if Newey has installed some clever engine mapping system to improve performance, it is clearly within the rules. That is fine since that is what F1 car designers and paid big bucks for.

    The results we are seeing is due to a combination of a great driver driving a great car.



    Arguing that conspiracy theory is generally an unfair label and then justifying it by using 9/11 as an example is… interesting reasoning.



    @matt90 how so? I find it unfair for anyone to treat someone as a nutter for believing something other than what they’re spoon fed in the mass media. If you do some real research on the events of 9/11, or speak with people who were there, you will have a hard time believing what the us government and media would have you believe. Back on topic, if Rbr are using some kind of kers mapping to mimic tc, I don’t see it being against any rules, so kudos to them for once again finding a performance advantage to exploit. They’ve always been good at finding these little things, and clearly its this kind of out of the box thinking that sets them apart. I just wish, as a ferrari fan, that the engineers in red can start being as clever lol.



    It’s always interesting how we are told “not to just believe anything we’re told”, seconds before being told to believe what said persons want us to believe.

    Use of the words ‘traction control’ and ‘illegal’ are conspiracy theory territory, as so many things coming from Vettel detractors, but the idea of KERS as a form of passive traction regulation sounds very interesting.



    If Red Bull were doing something they shouldn’t, one of the other teams would have protested by now.

    Case closed.



    I think rather than something they cannot have it is a similar system that is not illegal that is being suggested is in use. Which is quite possible. I am not saying it is being used or even exists but rather that it could be being used and the other teams would have no means to mount a case as it all fits the regulations.



    I think fangio85’s tinfoil hat’s on a little tight.



    Believe what you want buddy, i do my research. And your comment shows nothing but ignorance. It takes intelligence to ask why when others accept and conform.



    It certainly requires a special mindset. I just lump 9/11 conspiracy theorists in with moon landing conspiracy theorists in my mind. Neither of us will alter each others perception anyway.

    The use of KERS for this sounds ingenious. I’d love to know if it’s true, and if any other teams are trying to do the same.



    Perhaps Newey is thinking,”What? KERS for TC? Let me try it! Whoever thought of it must be very clever!”

    And in a few months the media will say “It’s true, Newey uses KERS for TC”, when in reality he got the idea from whoever the conspiracy theorist was. Imagine what that will be like!


    Force Maikel

    Perhaps this has been the secret reason their KERS breaks down all the time because they are doing something else with it?


    Loup Garou

    Maybe Red Bull are using all their KERS to boost the new limited edition of their soft drink and so have very little left for their F1 drivers? ;)

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