Is there any footage of Bianchi finishing the Monaco Grand Prix?

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    I would love to see Bianchi finishing and Marussia watching, but I had to watch the horrible German TV-footage that cut straight to commercials after the top 3 finished.
    I thought Sky might have shown it, but after looking up their footage (also in German coincidentally) it turns out they didn’t show it either. I heard people commenting about Marussia celebrating like a win though, so some people must have seen it somehow. Youtube has some interviews, but I can’t find race footage (as per usual). Anybody have any ideas?



    All I saw on Sky was some mechanics jumping in joy.


    Iestyn Davies

    I’ve seen the onboard of Bianchi crossing the finishing line… it was on the Canal+ website, in the race recap video made up of 30 minutes of onboard videos.

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