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    On this day 20 years ago, 30 May 1992, the Formula One world witnessed an absolute miracle (a ‘miracle which science has been unable to explain’ according to one site) – Roberto Moreno managed to qualify for the Monaco Grand Prix driving an Andrea Moda. The Andrea Moda team were renowned for being absolutely useless, and in most races failed even to pre-qualify (they even failed to turn up to several races for various reasons!). However, in Monaco, Moreno was 3rd-fastest out of the 6 cars involved (32 cars needed to be reduced to 30), and in qualifying he was faster than 4 other backmarkers, making him 26th fastest and thus on the grid! He was even inside the 107% time (even though this rule was still some years away).

    Come the race itself and he retired on lap 12 with engine failure. The race itself is of course better remembered for *that* battle between Senna and Mansell.

    This would be the only time that an Andrea Moda would come close to qualifying for a race (they were thrown out later in the year for bringing the sport into disrepute). But at least they can claim not to be F1’s ultimate worst team, as Mastercard Lola (who only made it to 1 race in 1997 and were well off 107%) do statistically have a worse record.


    Keith Collantine
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