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    The F1 season is coming to an end and although i will definitely miss the racing i will not miss Jake. I cannot think of one good thing he has brought to the presentation of F1. My pet name for Jake has been the “GREY MAN” with the monotone voice. I cannot remember what Jake did before F1 so who is he and where did he come from and what did he do to get the job. When the BBC won the F1 contract they should have taken all the ITV team with them and made Martin Brundle the front man.

    EJ and DC have not helped boring and uninteresting. I just hope that whoever gets to show F1 in the future they have a presentation team that are entertaining, knowledgeable and above all appeal to the masses.


    sbl on tour

    come on stav, think youre being very harsh there

    I think jake is pretty good, he has a good manner and can be quite funny

    As for the ITV team , do you want meesrs allen and rosental back… right, enough said



    sbl on tour take away EJ,DC and MB and what are you left with JH AAgh!!!!.

    Can i also assume that you are i favour of the bbc licence fee, and the news is the bbc are about to farm out certain races out to Sky because of costs. I would definitely be in favour of ITV still having the rights to F1 with Allen and Rosental if only for no extra costs to the masses.



    I love Jake…I really hope he gets in on the Sky deal!!!

    However my gripe is with Eddie! He is annoying!

    Dont mind DC or MB; in my opinion I am happy for them to stay



    I think the BBC team is way better than ITV.

    Jake is a great sports front man who also did a great job of presenting the Olympics.

    Like you though I do miss the adverts ITV has, they were great, in the middle of the race ‘n’ all



    I hope those guys at Sky do not give Jake a job, not only am i going to have to pay to watch F1 through the bbc and Sky but i will be paying twice to watch JH. I agree with you about EJ he is annoying and smug but does understand about motor racing. JH however knows nothing about F1 for me is a total bore.



    Did Jake present the olympics? must have missed it!!. Oh well its now over to Sky to televise F1 and i for one am looking forward to all those adverts again. Come on a few adverts or bbc licence plus cost of Sky sports channels for me no contest.



    I’d say Jake is the best front man the sport has had, A tough challange taking over from the Steve Ryder who did it in the original BBC days. My grip is the commentry box misses the excited reaction we got with James Allen and Murray Walker leading. DC is too similar to Brundle and had this been anything but the most exciting races in a season ever he would have been found out



    I’d prefer Ryder back. Jake’s great at controlling EJ + DC and getting on with the show but he does irritate me a lot at times. I think it’s just because I’m a geek and Jake doesn’t seem to know that much about the history of the sport though.



    Jake has hosted almost any sporting event there has been, and only truly knows football which shows by the endless comments about it.

    I wouldnt be sad if he left, or even surprised.

    I’d also want Brundle back as the back-up commentator as he hasnt got what it takes to be lead commentator



    Surely if Jake were the best front man the sport has had why is’nt he fronting other sporting events. If he were the best then i am sure the bbc would be using him elsewhere especially as the races are every 2 weeks with a month off in the summer. As for the commentary box we do need excitement and passion for the sport.



    Envy much? I hate hearing the talk of how the guy doesn’t care about F1. He is very passionate about the sport and he is doing a great job.

    He is a fantastic presenter and gets the best out of EJ and DC too.



    I can understand why someone would dislike Jake as a presenter, but I honestly think he’s fantastic. Since he began, he’s been quick witted, completely relaxed, likeable, and the most important thing – the guy absolutely loves Formula 1. You can tell. Sure, some of his humour can be a little damp and old fashioned but he’s got to appeal to everyone.



    I’d also want Brundle back as the back-up commentator as he hasnt got what it takes to be lead commentator




    I hate Jake because he has one of the best jobs in the world. Well, I don’t really hate him, he does a good job as a presenter for Formula One. He generally knows what he is talking about, and he generally comes across as a likable person. His sense of humor however is not great, but that might just be me.

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