Jake Humphrey's F1 history?

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    Ok, so I just noticed a tweet he put up saying the season review will be on at 1pm, he thinks 2010 was the best season ever, but how far back has he been watching F1? Personally I don’t think he watched it at all pre 2007 (If that). He strikes me as the sort of person that jumped on the Hamilton band-wagon and had to watch lot’s of old races when he landed the job.

    What do you think? Did he watch the great battles of Senna & Prost, Schumacher & Hill or is he just a fool that pretends to know.

    Oh and i’m not knocking his presenting skills, he’s ok at that although a little cheesy at times and is more interested in Christian Horner than the actual racing.


    He used to watch F1 when he was a youngster growing up, apparently. Perhaps not religiously like most of us did (and do) but I remember him talking about getting up to watch the Australian GP in the middle of the night to start each season in his first blog-post. I’ve been watching F1 since as long as I can remember and I actually agree with him that this year has been the best ever. Personally, I’d take another season like that over a season of Senna/Prost domination in a heartbeat.



    I’ve watched F1 since 1996 and for me 2010 was easily the best season of F1 I’ve seen.

    Senna & Prost had great battles from the looks of classic races but they’d always be about 2 laps ahead of the pack. This year we had battles between all 5 drivers.



    I think that in my case the Stewards have let this year be a fair title battle and not intervene to much with the on-track issues.Also I think that this has been my best season as the car was the best I have ever Driven and hopefully me and Jenson can work hard in the upcoming Winter for Mclaren to be up there again in Bahrain.



    Oh Hi Lewis Hamilton!



    He really is Lewis Hamilton, I salute you god sir!!

    But anyway, the best season for me is 1995, sure Schumacher run away with it, but he didn’t have the best car and comprehensively beat Hill who couldn’t stop bitching about Schumi, and destroyed Herbert his team-mate. Plus Brundle put in some great drives that year (Particularly Spa), it was just a shame Aguri Suzuki kept on getting drives due to the money he was bringing to Ligier.

    Also if I remember correctly 1995 was the year Red Bull started sponsoring Sauber, god that car looked a lot like the Red Bull car now in terms of the livery.



    10 championship lead changes.

    No driver ever won a race whilst leading the title.

    5 drivers in a shot of the title with 2 to go.

    Only time in history 4 drivers could win the title going into the final round.

    Final 4 separated by just over a 3rd place finish.

    Best. season. ever



    Well it depends on how you want to look at it. Stats mean nothing to me and it was all down to drivers mistakes that it was so close, sure having 5 drivers in contention is good but did we see any driving master classes this season? There wasn’t any real duels apart from Vettel and Webber, with Alonso joining in the final third of the season and Hamilton cropping up occasionally.

    If the 5 drivers in contention were say, Hamilton, Alonso, Schumacher, Kubica and maybe Vettel then it would’ve been good. Think, what was everyone hoping for before the last 4 races? Red Bull DNF’s, it was the fact that Red Bull were obviously going to win that made this championship quite dire actually, it wasn’t like when Ferrari were dominating because everyone knew the best driver on the grid was in the car as opposed to Red Bull who had two average drivers.

    I’ve said it before, if the cars next year have say 2-3 tenths a lap between them on natural pace then we will see a truly great season.



    did we see any driving master classes this season?

    Webber at Hungary putting in 20 quali laps?

    Webber’s domination of Catalunya & Monaco

    Lewis @ Spa?

    Jenson’s tactical decisions?

    Vettel’s lights to flag victories that barring an engine failure ten laps from the end of Korea would have been four straight?

    I’m sick of everyone saying this season was all about mistakes and not about driving, there were some excellent championship worthy drives this year.



    @ plushpile:

    I’m sick of everyone saying this season was all about mistakes and not about driving

    I agree with you. People must think that in earlier years the drivers were “real men” and made no mistakes. I think that the seasons were drivers made less mistakes were the most boring ones. Mistakes and errors are part of the racing, so they do not make a season “worse” in competitive terms. It is just an element that has ever been in motor racing.



    He strikes me as a genuine long term fan.

    Definitely a great season. It’s easy to look through rose tinted glasses.



    I’ll have to disagree with you, simply because how many people have said that? A lot of people have been using the drivers’ mistakes to compare them, but I haven’t see anyone say they made the driving lower quality.



    What a lot of people seem to be forgetting is that mistakes will happen more when the racings is close. The harder you’re being pushed the more mistakes you’ll make!

    I like Jake Humphreys though, I think he’s a genuine fan. One of my mates thats all into American Football said he was really good with that as well though, so he could just be a big fan of sport in general.



    This is all very harsh on Humphrey: Firstly, just because he’s young doesn’t mean that he can’t state his opinion on what he thinks, if you excluded everyone who can’t recall every race in the history of F1 then the only judge would basically be Stirling Moss! He was only 10 – 16 during the Senna/Prost rivalry years so I can forgive the man for not thinking at the time that he needs to take a calculating view of F1 because ‘one day some guy might criticise my knowledge of F1 during this period’.

    Secondly, of course he’s going to say that, he’s the presenter of the F1 show, so he’s going to big up the sport with which he’s associated, and he shouldn’t be criticised for this because I’m sure it comes with the job description that you hype people up about F1.

    Thirdly, he’s 100% spot on with his opinion. This season was great because of so many things and in my opinion the only flaw with it that I could see was poor quantity and quality of overtaking. I enjoyed most of it so so much, and I hope it has inspired a new generation of F1 fans around the world.

    ps: I’m 18, I can only recall seasons from 1997, but I still believe my opinion is just as valid as that of an F1 fan who is 106 and can recall every race in history.



    I only wondered about him, my opinion still stands to be honest, he’s just into the modern F1 with no recollection of past seasons. Plus his tweets always seem to big up BBC stuff, and pointless crap about his own life. Jeez I want to here F1 news not when you last had sex with Harriet.

    I guess that’s why I liked Steve Rider, for both BBC and ITV. After seeing him on for so long you know he has seen most of it and can really value his opinion, shame ITV bought over Jardine from BBC and picked the drone that is Blundell. Plus the way he handled the Senna death was professionalism at it’s peak, full respect to that guy.

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